April 6

Style Swoon: Watercolor Wonders

We’re starting a chic new series to highlight the Wedding Paper Divas blog team’s bridal fashion favorites! Check back every Friday to see our latest style lusts and more.

Watercolors are huge for spring and summer, and we can’t seem to get enough. They’ve made their way onto some of our favorite wedding stationery and now we’re swooning for this lovely frock. The colorful blooms, feminine shape and artistic watercolor effect would be so stunning for a rehearsal luncheon or bridal shower, don’t you think?


June 30

I Ditched the Dress: Confessions of a Bridesmaid

The Wedding Paper Divas headquarters is bustling with bridesmaids helping their friends, siblings and sorority sisters plan their weddings. These are their confessions…

The bridesmaid dress you chose for us was beautiful, it truly was. But when it comes to choosing one thing for many people, you can’t always please them all. And, while it was striking for your special day, it simply wasn’t for me. So I must confess… I ditched the dress.

But not in the trash! I’m sending it to Newlymaid, in hopes of getting something cute (and something I will wear again) in return! Please know that it’s nothing against you, my dear bride, but I would hate for it to collect dust in my closet. This way, it will either be donated or recycled… and I will come away with something cute for our next soiree. It’s a win-win!


Your (relieved) Bridesmaid


October 22

Inappropriate Wedding Attire: Today’s Diva Dish

Today’s question from a reader is quite the dilemma, indeed:

Dear Divas,

I have a fairly close friend who dresses inappropriately at weddings (and by “inappropriately,” I mean she never wears anything without sky-high hemlines, plunging necklines, hot pink colors and Lycra fabric). I know she’ll be disappointed if I don’t invite her to my wedding, but I’m afraid she’ll embarrass me with her outfit.

Is there anything I can do short of not inviting her?

Thanks for the help!


Dear Jenna,

Unfortunately, all of the etiquette books will tell you that as the host of the event, your prerogative should be the utmost consideration for your guests. This also requires you to have measure of trust that your guests will show respect for you as well in both their attire and behavior.

If you’re quite certain that this friend will arrive in an outfit that will make your grandmother gasp, you have a few options. Not inviting her could indeed ruin your friendship, especially if you have friends in common who are on the guest list. But at the same time, inviting her without addressing the issue will probably leave you more worried about her outfit than your bridesmaids’ dresses—a source of unnecessary stress to say the least.

If she’s particularly thick-skinned, you might get away with asking your friend to wear something more conservative, but that depends both on her personality and the nature of your friendship.

Here’s what we recommend—go shopping with her! Invite her out to catch up and grab lunch, then go shopping for a dress you can both live with. If that doesn’t work and it’s not worth ending a friendship over, we suggest you invite her anyway and just laugh it off as adding a little color to your big day.

What advice would you share with Jenna? Leave us a comment and let her know!

Do you have a question for our wedding experts? Send your etiquette, wedding planning or style dilemma to blog@weddingpaperdivas.com and we’ll post an answer for you!


April 14

A Bride’s Diary: The Quest for the Dress

Wedding Paper Divas is bursting with staff brides who are currently planning their weddings. We’re happy to share their stories with you as a part of this brand new feature!

Meet Brittany

Brittany B. is marrying her best friend, Jared, on August 28, 2010. The couple met at Brittany’s older brother’s wedding, where he was a groomsmen and she was a bridesmaid. It was love at first sight, and the couple now plans to marry at the same location as where they first met.

For my very first blog entry I thought I’d share my experience finding THE dress. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be married in a princess dress, have a fairy tale wedding and live happily ever after. I knew what I wanted, the quest was just to find it—and it wasn’t easy!

I must have looked at hundreds of dresses online and in magazines, but once I found the dress, I knew it was perfect. It is called Monalisa by Maggie Sottero (I love the name just as much as I love the dress!). It suits me and (thankfully) it was in my price range. The dress has a sweetheart neckline, a corset backing, a stunning long train, little pickups and is covered in beading.

I made my appointment after confirming the local dress shop had the design I wanted. I took with me my mom and dad so they could be there for support and to share this experience. The appointment went very smoothly. I tried on the Monalisa dress and my parents were WOWed! Our assistant pulled two more dresses for me to try on, one in diamond white and one in ivory. I knew after trying them on that nothing could compare to the Monalisa.

That’s when I ran into my first dress shopping snag—picking a size. I fell between a 1 and a 3, and 2 just didn’t exist. I ended up going with the 1 and crossing my fingers that the corset backing would give me some extra space. Plus, I’d much rather lose a little weight than pay more to alter the dress! I bought my dress and veil that day, and was told both would come in—four months later.

While I waited for my dress to come in, I did what any girl would do. Accessorize! I found the perfect shoes and a gorgeous tiara. My dad is a jeweler, so my wedding ring has a rose gold outer setting that perfectly matches the dress, veil and tiara. I even found a beautiful necklace to match everything else, but I could never afford it. Fortunately, as a wedding gift, my dad is planning to make it for me! Oh the perks of being a jeweler’s daughter…

Once the four months had passed, I went with my parents-in-law to be to pick up the dress and do my fitting. I tried my dress on, looked in the mirror and was so thankful that it fit! Then I started to look over the dress and hit the next snag on my quest. I just about fainted. There was a black spot on the front of my dress!

I tried and hold back the bridezilla emerging within me. The alternations staff tried to get the spot out, but later said it was something embedded in the fabric and that it couldn’t be removed. They said I could keep it and get a measly 10% off, or return it to the manufacturer and get a brand new dress after another four month wait. I ended up sending the dress back (even though I would be cutting it dangerously close to the deadline). I left without my dress feeling sorely disappointed.

Thankfully, the very next day I received a call from the dress shop saying that my dress would actually come in only two weeks. When I tried it on this time, it was perfect—the ideal happy ending to my wedding dress quest!

If you run into any hiccups on your own hunt for the perfect dress, don’t get discouraged. It’s your day, so don’t be afraid to ask that everything be perfectly flawless. After all, you deserve a happy ending too!


April 2

Rant or Rave: Borrowing a Friend’s Wedding Dress

On your best friend’s wedding day, you saw her in that gorgeous Vera Wang dress with a lace overlay, and you knew it was the perfect dress for you. But would you ever ask to borrow it for your own wedding?

Sure, the economy is still in recovery and weddings cost a bundle—but would you consider borrowing a friend’s wedding dress? Would you loan yours out to family and friends?

Does the idea of borrowing a wedding dress make you want to rant or rave?


January 12

5 Favorite Qualities of the Best Bridesmaids Dresses

Your bridesmaids can be lifesavers, helping you plan every detail of your ceremony and dealing with your occasional irrational outbursts as the big day draws near. So why not make them happy with bridesmaids dresses they will love?

Here’s a list of the very BEST qualities a girl could hope for in her bridesmaid’s dress:

1. Pockets: Bridesmaids are busy girls on the big day, so find a dress with pockets to give your BFFs a place to stash some lip gloss and a camera.

2. Straps: Especially if your bridesmaids are blessed with curvy figures, strapless dresses can cause some issues. You don’t want them tugging on their tops when you are posing for candid photos!

3. Tailoring: The girls will look better and feel more comfortable if you get their dresses tailored to suit their shapes—remember, nothing looks perfect on everyone straight off the rack.

4. Wearable Fabric: Itchy, stiff or easily wrinkled fabric will have your bridesmaids longing to ditch the dress in favor of the sweats they have stashed in the hotel suite!

5. Their Own Input. Sure, it’s your day and your friends will be happy to accommodate your vision, but nothing will make a bridesmaid more comfortable in her dress than if she had some say in the final decision. Let the girls pick their own dresses in a certain color, or invite them to come shopping with you to pick out their favorites from options you’ve preselected.