Destination Wedding

July 24

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Beach Destination Wedding

This week’s wedding stationery roundup is heading to the beach. Whether in your hometown or at a far-off destination, a beach wedding offers a bride plenty of opportunities to incorporate the theme into her special day. Get your guests in relaxation mode right from the start with fun save the date cards that reflect a beach style. Think seashells and sand!

If you and your guests will be traveling for your wedding ceremony, map-themed wedding invitations and matching response cards are a great choice.  Or, kick off a destination wedding with airline ticket wedding invitations – a fun touch that turns an invitation into an experience.

Wedding Paper Divas Blog -- Grand Getaway Wedding Invitation

Wedding Paper Divas Blog -- Tropical Sojourn Wedding Invitation

Wedding Paper Divas Blog -- Seashell Sketches Response Card

Wedding Paper Divas Blog -- Mapped Love Save the Date Postcard

Wedding Paper Divas Blog -- Sweet Starfish Response Card




April 16

Eye Candy: Set Sail with Nautical Accents

From wedding invitations to reception decor, a nautical wedding theme gives a bride plenty of options – whether the wedding is seaside or not! What we love most about this wedding theme is the element of fun it brings to your special day. After all, it’s hard to stay too serious when your groomsmen are showing off their anchor socks. But don’t let the fun fool you. This classic theme offers elegant touches, from stripes to gorgeous cakes, and of course, the timeless color combination of red and blue.

Here are five of our favorite nautical wedding inspirations:

Kate Headley Photography

Nautical Wedding Cake - Wedding Paper Divas Blog

Groomsmen Nautical Style -- Wedding Paper Divas blog

Nautical Bride and Groom chairs -- Wedding Paper Divas

Nautical stripes shoes - Wedding Paper Divas


February 12

Holding a Pre-Destination Wedding Reception: Ask Etta

While we dish about the hottest trends and latest designs, we also know how stressful prepping for the big day can be. Meet Etta, our expert in all things etiquette. She’s ready to delve into your every dilemma.

Debbie Asks…

My husband and I have a very large group of friends that have been a part of my son’s life, and we want to have a celebration before the destination wedding (definitely not after). We are inviting all the people that will be invited to the destination wedding, plus all our other close friends.  What do I call this type of celebration? And do I have to state “no gifts’? Should I stick an insert with the invitation explaining that we are having a small destination affair?

destination invite

Etta Says…

Thanks for writing in, Debbie.

Holding an “at-home” or local celebration is quite common for couples who chose to have a destination wedding. But usually these receptions take place two to six weeks after the marriage ceremony (and thus celebrate the newlyweds).

With no marriage completed, hosting a wedding reception may be a bit misleading for your guests, particularly since the ceremony will still be over half a year away.

Since you are planning the celebration prior to the destination wedding, I suggest that you host a send-off celebration for the engaged couple. I also recommend that your celebration be a casual affair – which it sounds like you are planning.

An engagement party invitation or couples shower invitation can easily be modified to fit this unique celebration. Simply alter the wording along these lines: “Please join us to celebrate the upcoming marriage, and send off the happy couple with your best wishes.”

Destination pre reception

It can feel awkward to host a second reception, when attendees have not been invited to the destination ceremony. But remember that you are making an effort to include all loved ones in the celebration of your son’s marriage. It is widely understood that destination weddings are smaller, more intimate events – and your guests will be happy to be included in this larger celebration.

Formal etiquette calls for no mention of gifts on the invitation, even in the case of requesting no gifts. It is appropriate, however, for you to share this information yourself, in casual conversation.

If you do hold the reception after the wedding, a wonderful way to notify guests is through a wedding announcement, along with a photograph from the destination wedding, which requests their attendance at the reception.

I hope this helps, Debbie!


Have an etiquette question for Etta? Email us at and she’ll post an answer for you.


January 9

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Destination Wedding Invitations

This week we are swooning over destination weddings and the tranquility that comes along with them. If you are getting your passport ready and preparing for a romantic and faraway wedding then you will love these destination wedding invitations.

Where are you planning your destination wedding?


May 18

Rant or Rave: Planning a Destination Wedding

While a destination wedding makes for an amazing adventure and experience, it can also come with its own challenges when planning. What do you think? Is planning a destination wedding more or less stressful? Rant or rave!

Here’s what a few of our Facebook fans had to say:

“More stressful in the sense that you REALLY have to have every detail perfected and planned!” -Samantha

“well.. unless you’ve had both I don’t see how you could know which is more stressful. But, I’m not stressing too much planning our destination wedding.” -Ainslee

“I’m getting married in September and having a destination wedding. Everything is done and booked already! Way less stressful than what we were planning at home!” -Natalie

“Way less stressful!!! We were swimming in the pool up until an hour before our wedding. It was amazing.” -Alexandria

“way stressful and more expensive in my case. which is why i cancelled and am doing the wedding at home now.” -Sabino-Molly

“so much less stressful. My husband and I just got married in Jamaica and it was wonderful! They did almost everything(we brought down our own favors and programs). If you find the right resort then you are all set :)” -Jen


May 8

Eye Candy: Local Florals in Desserts

Hey destination divas… looking for a chic way to play up your locale at the dessert table? Flowers are your best and brightest bet. Whether you’re working with a florist, or have a bridesmaid who’s willing to venture off in search of colorful options, this is a gorgeous way to decorate at your reception. Guests will love the local flavor, and your dessert table will fill the room (or air) with color.