April 21

How To Pop The (other) Question – Asking Bridesmaids to Be in your Wedding

We are so pleased to have Brittany, a guest blogger for our “Real Brides” blog series. Brittany is recently engaged and living in NYC with her fiancé Eric. The couple is planning their wedding which will take place in Chicago. She will be sharing tips, inspiration and ideas on the Wedding Paper Divas blog for engaged couples who are navigating the world of weddings! Today she is sharing a unique way of asking bridesmaids to be in your wedding.

Bridesmaids Invitations

After Eric’s incredibly thoughtful proposal came a special proposal series of my own: asking my family and friends to stand up with me on the big day. I’m trying to be thoughtful about putting my own personal stamp on traditions, and I was very excited to do something meaningful and memorable for my bridal party-to-be!

Bridesmaids Invitations

I had a working concept of the bridesmaids ask based on our married monogram, BEE. (This is part of the reason I was so laser-focused on a garden wedding – I thought a subtle use of bee’s as decorative detail would be really sweet, and there’s a fun play on words/double entendre with it too!) I was lucky to tap my trusted friends at Wedding Paper Divas to help me bring the concept and idea to life.

Bridesmaids Invitations

I moonlight as a jewelry designer, and I thought it would be fun to create a whimsical bracelet with a little bee charm and use that bracelet to fill out the “Will you BEE my Bridesmaid?” question.

Bridesmaids Invitations

As for a presentation card, I am smitten with Whitney Port’s Lavish Laurel design – I love the green watercolor detailing and garden feel. A very talented Wedding Paper Divas designer consulted with me on creative copy, layout and helped transform the RSVP card into a cute question-popper!

I got together with each of my family and friends so I could watch their reactions as they opened up the cards and bracelets – the extra coordination was totally worth it to see them say YES! I love that everyone can wear their bee’s at the wedding too! (Photo opp alert!)


January 14

Ask Etta: Choosing Bridesmaids

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Stephanie asks…

I have been very torn with the decision of picking bridesmaids. I am lucky to have many wonderful friends, plus a big family. I have been in several weddings, and many of my friends are recently also just getting engaged. I would like to have a smaller wedding party, but I also don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

If I was in a friend’s wedding or if a friend asks me to be in her wedding, am I obligated to ask her to be a bridesmaid? If I end up picking everyone, how many is too many?

Etta says…

Choosing your attendants can be tough when you are lucky enough to have a large group of friends and close family members. But you are never – and I mean never! – obligated to ask someone to be a bridesmaid, even if you were part of their wedding. Remember, relationships evolve over time. When selecting your bridal party, the best advice is to follow your heart. Choose the friends and family members that will make you feel the most comfortable on what is sure to be a very nerve-wracking day.

There is no hard and fast rule for how many bridesmaids are too many. Past etiquette called for one attendant per fifty guests, but adherence to that number has declined. Instead, think about the number that you couldn’t do without. You should have no regrets about your bridal party, both for who you choose to be a part of it, and who is not.

If you think that a friend may be hurt to not be asked to be a bridesmaid, I suggest that you be upfront with telling her the news. Let her know, carefully, that you are keeping the bridal party small. Try to find another role for your friend. Perhaps she could do a reading during the ceremony, or give a toast at the rehearsal dinner. This way, you are still incorporating her into your special day while also having a bridal party that feels comfortable to you.

I hope this helps, Stephanie!


Have an etiquette question for Etta? Email us at and she’ll post an answer for you.


January 24

Eye Candy: Citrine Earrings

Looking to incorporate your wedding colors into your wedding party? Brighten up your bridesmaids with a little pre-wedding gift they can don on the big day. These gorgeous earrings from Madame Mathilde are a chic way to bring bright pops of color into the little details.


January 13

Rant or Rave: Un-Asking a Bridesmaid

For one reason or another, sometimes the occasion arises when a bride-to-be has to ask a bridesmaid not to be a part of the wedding. Whether it’s because of a falling out, financial reasons or something much more complicated—this is a topic with heated opinions.

Here is a what a few of our Facebook fans had to say:

“Yeah, if you’re also uninviting her to the wedding. I feel like the only thing that could justify such a move would also justify a breach in the friendship.” -Brenda

“I would say it would depend on the situation. I didn’t have to un-ask anyone but our wedding is a little less than 4 months away & one of my bridesmaids dropped out. Sad part is, I thought she was my best friend. Weddings let everyone’s true colors shine!!” -Amanda

“Ha… Yes, it sure is!!! this is one of the most special days of my life & your bridesmaids are supposed to be your closest friends/family. If they don’t bother to care about it, then they don’t deserve to share the day with you!” – Nicole

“i dont think its respectful to un ask them…unless they cant afford it.” -Becky

“Kinda I wish I could start over and make more dependable friends and have them be my maids:(” -Amber

Would you ever un-ask a bridesmaid? Did you have to do it? Do you wish you would’ve? Rant or rave!


October 1

DIY Shoe Clips for Fall

Remember the shoe clip DIY project we posted a few months back? Well, we’re at it again and this time, we’re playing with some chic options and colors for autumn. Whether you’re a bridesmaid looking for a way to dress up subtle shoes or simply want to add some flair to your fall attire… this little project is oh-so-easy.

What You’ll Need

  • Alligator clips (you can find them in the jewelry-making section of most craft stores)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Flowers, bows, ribbons… whatever details the bride loves!

Step 1: Glue

Using your hot glue gun, secure your embellishments to the alligator clips.

Step 2: Clip

Clim ’em on your favorite pair of pumps.

Step 3: Step Out in Style

Yep, it’s that easy!

If  you try this craft idea yourself, or if you have any DIY ideas to share, send your photos to and we’ll post them for all of our fans and followers.