September 16

Rant or Rave: Technology + Weddings

We recently read an article about a virtual bridesmaid that was walked down the aisle via FaceTime on an Ipad. Can we just say… welcome to the 21st century! Technology has made all kinds of wedding planning tasks way more efficient, but this story takes the cake.

Whether it be budget restraints or travel restrictions, what do you think about having a member of the wedding party attend the wedding virtually? Is this a great new solve for these types of situations? Or does this just stray too from tradition for comfort? Rant or rave!


June 30

I Ditched the Dress: Confessions of a Bridesmaid

The Wedding Paper Divas headquarters is bustling with bridesmaids helping their friends, siblings and sorority sisters plan their weddings. These are their confessions…

The bridesmaid dress you chose for us was beautiful, it truly was. But when it comes to choosing one thing for many people, you can’t always please them all. And, while it was striking for your special day, it simply wasn’t for me. So I must confess… I ditched the dress.

But not in the trash! I’m sending it to Newlymaid, in hopes of getting something cute (and something I will wear again) in return! Please know that it’s nothing against you, my dear bride, but I would hate for it to collect dust in my closet. This way, it will either be donated or recycled… and I will come away with something cute for our next soiree. It’s a win-win!


Your (relieved) Bridesmaid


June 3

Bridesmaids the Movie: Rant or Rave

As soon as we caught wind of the news that there was a movie coming out about bridesmaids, we immediately began counting down the days until its release. Now that its been out for a few weeks, we want to hear from you! Have you seen the movie Bridesmaids? What did you think?

Did you find it hilarious? Over the top? Did you relate to any of the characters? Rant or rave about it!


May 5

Your Wedding Is Almost Here! Now Where Do I Go?

The Wedding Paper Divas headquarters is bustling with bridesmaids helping their friends, siblings and sorority sisters plan their weddings. These are their confessions…

My beautiful bride, your wedding weekend is now just days away! Can you believe it? I’m so thrilled to celebrate with you and your soon-to-be hubby this weekend… but I have a few questions before the festivities begin.

I know you’ve been a busy bee lately (especially the last few weeks) but I think someone forgot to fill us bridesmaids in on a few things.

For instance, what time does rehearsal start? Is there a schedule for the hair and makeup stylists? Is there anything else I can help you with now or day-of? Did we forget anything?

I want everything to be perfect on your special day, so please, tell me where to go in advance!


Your eager and very excited bridesmaid

Do you have any advice for our bridesmaids? Leave us a comment below!


January 18

Rent the Runway Introduces Weddings: Eye Candy

We’ve told you all about how Rent the Runway makes high fashion easy for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and guests, and now they’re paving a budget-friendly path for the bridal party too! This fashion-forward company has just launched Rent the Runway Weddings, offering designer bridesmaid dresses and bridal accessories to rent for a fraction of the retail price.

Here are a few of our favorite frocks and accessories from this new collection. If you aren’t already a Rent the Runway member, you can create a free account to shop for more. Recessionistas of the world, rejoice!

Thread Social Sapphire Fairy Tale Dress

Rental: $75 | Retail: $550

Badgley Mischka Perfect Page Dress

Rental: $100 | Retail: $330

Tibi Roman Goddess Embellished Gown

Rental: $100 | Retail: $595

Miriam Haskell The Secret Garden Cuff

Rental: $50 | Retail: $480

Badgley Mischka Marry Me Crystal Drop Earrings

Rental: $25 | Retail: $125

Nicole Miller Star Light Bright Bracelet

Rental: $15 | Retail: $110

Nicole Miller Smiling Shaye Dress

Rental: $85 | Retail: $290

Nicole Miller Exquisite Eliza Gown

Rental: $135 | Retail: $510

Robert Rodriguez Collection Heavenly Hayley Dress

Rental: $125 | Retail: $695

Love what you see? Leave us a comment below!


April 13

Bridesmaids 101: Duties & Responsibilities

Are you a first-time bridesmaid? Get all of the info you need to make a splash at your best friend’s wedding with this fun post by our guest blogger, Carey G. from The Bridesmaids Blog by Dessy Group!

Your best friend found the love of her life. You were there for her through all the good dating drama. You were there with a listening ear when she was hoping he’d just ask already. Then, he popped the question and you were there to celebrate with her! Now, she’s asked you and her other closest friends to be her bridesmaids. She didn’t just choose anyone, she chose YOU, and you have some important duties to fill. What’s great is they are full of fun and crazy times that you will remember fondly forever.

I’d like to share with you a breakdown of your responsibilities as a bridesmaid. The most important thing to remember is to just have fun and make some great memories. Especially focus on the last responsibility listed, it’s SO important.

Emotional Support
The bride may at times feel overwhelmed from the details of planning. As bridesmaids and overall good friends, you are built-in great listeners. Pitch in when needed and give out hugs at all times. And, when all else fails, go to that favorite happy hour place!

The Bridal Shower
The party where the bride get showered with gifts! As bridesmaids you can plan this fun gathering with or without the bride depending on how much you want her to be involved. One definite is to get a guest list from the bride so you know who to invite. Keep it lighthearted and fun! Maybe pick a theme and go crazy with it decorating and picking out yummy food!

The Bachelorette Party
Once an unassuming evening sharing secrets and stories among quiet ladies, bachelorette parties now easily compete with the bar-hopping raucous excitement of the notorious bachelor party. However, you may simply want to have a quiet evening in with the bride’s closest friends and some good martinis. Another option to consider is the new trend in having a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. As her best ladies you could plan this evening with the groomsmen.

One of the main functions of a bridesmaid throughout the whole wedding process is to serve as representatives and cheerleaders. Help with introducing people and yourselves to make relatives and friends feel comfortable. And, of course, having tissues on hand for the ceremony would be an extra bonus!

Dancing up a Storm
Have fun!! You have made it to the reception and now the only duty is to have a great time. Once the band or DJ starts playing get out there and dance the night away and celebrate how all of the preparations made the day go without a hitch! Congrats!

For an informative and humorous look at all things bridesmaid check out the Bridesmaids Guide from The Dessy Group. It’s sure to add some light hearted insight into all of your fun planning!


Carey Gordon, MBA, is a blogger for The Dessy Group. Originally from the Midwest, her work in Marketing and Communications has taken her to positions abroad in both the UK and Cyprus. She is currently based in Berkeley, CA.