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March 8

Add Some Sparklers to Your Wedding with Bella Pictures

Using sparklers at your wedding is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Couple are leaving the rice and birdseed behind in favor of more environmentally conscious alternatives like bubbles and sparklers (which are a great way to celebrate the “spark” between the newlyweds!). When you think of sparklers, you probably think of Fourth of July and celebrating America when you were a kid, but why not bring that sense of fun and excitement to one of the most important days of your life? They also make for some fun photographs!

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About Bella Pictures

Bella Pictures is the most recognized name in premium wedding photography and video, and we’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new website.

Bella now offers an expansive wedding photography portfolio, with hundreds of wedding galleries and slideshows from all around the country, as well as a daily blog and a helpful planning section that features engagement session ideas, wedding day photo itineraries, budget-saving tips and more.

Most importantly, Bella now provides a completely transparent shopping experience, allowing couples to customize and buy photography, video and albums online.


February 12

Rant or Rave: Seeing the Bride Before the Wedding

Tradition states that it’s bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding, but many modern couples actually use the time before the wedding to snap some photos together before their guests even arrive.

Do you still think it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before she starts her walk down the aisle? How do you fit in photos without seeing each other before the ceremony? Rant or rave about it!


February 2

Bridal Footwear for Beach Weddings

Walking down the aisle in a stunning pair of stilettos would get a little tricky if your aisle was made of sand. Luckily, there are plenty of chic shoe options available to beachside brides, from designer sandals to ballet flats. Here are a few of our favorite bridal footwear options for beach weddings:

Designer Sandals

With a looping bow and sweet bridal white color, this Valentino sandal makes the perfect beachy bridal shoe.


Bejeweled Flip Flops

Add some sparkle and even a hint of color to your look with these lovely jeweled sandals.


Feminine Flats

From ballet slippers to lacy slip-ons, these gorgeous flats featured on Kiss the Groom offer a unique twist to traditional beach wedding style.



August 24

Why We Love Bridal Couture

When it comes to everyday fashion, I’m a huge fan of understated elegance. But when it comes to your wedding day, a little bit of pizzazz is called for. That’s why I love bridal couture—with it’s bold shapes, fanciful charm and divine details, it’s hard not to feel inspired by such gorgeous gowns!

I love how these Colleen Quen gowns use a blend of classic silhouettes with details that grab your attention without upstaging the bride.





August 21

Eye Candy: Wedding Hair Accessories

If you choose not to wear a traditional veil, there are still a variety of ways to extend your chic bridal look from head to toe. These delicate hair accessories from Twigs and Honey and Bonbon Oiseau are sweet, romantic and full of fun style.



February 26

Sick on your wedding day?

I’ve been battling a horrible cold for the last week, complete with a loud, hacking cough that I’m pretty sure has driven my entire office insane.  Luckily, it’s just a normal week for me and I don’t have any special events coming up, so I can take my time healing.

I wasn’t so lucky in this department around my wedding.  About a month before, I caught yet another horrible cold that resulted in bronchitis and laryngitis–and it reached its peak on my bachelorette party weekend!  Needless to say, the old trick of downing whiskey for a sore throat has never been so welcome.  I powered through the weekend, and now, my illness is just a vague memory compared to the fun I had.  I’m just thankful that I wasn’t plagued with on my actual wedding day.

Sadly, with the stress and craziness leading up to the day of your wedding, it has to be a reality for some brides.  What would you do if you were sick on your wedding day? Is there anyone out there that powered through illness on the day of your wedding?

I hope for the sake of all sick brides out there that you are able to get past the illness and remember only the joy, happiness and celebration of the wedding day.  If you want to avoid getting sick before your wedding, The Knot offers these tips for staying healthy before the wedding.  And, the blog at MyWeddingFavors.com has some tips for sick brides to keep you looking your best!

Remember, try to relax, eat well and take your vitamins!  With the right effort, you can stay healthy for your big day.



October 13

To throw or not to throw the garter.

The garter toss stems from an ancient tradition that said that taking a bride’s clothing would bring good luck. Today, brides often choose to wear a blue garter as a way to add “something blue” to their attire. The garter is often tossed by the groom to his single male friends. The lucky guy who catches it sometimes wins a gift card or money tucked in the garter and like the throwing of the bouquet, symbolizes that he will be next one to get married.

I opted not to do this or have the bouquet toss out of consideration for my single friends. There are definitely pros and cons to sticking with this long-time tradition. If you decide to do it, however, make sure to sit at an angle where you won’t be flashing your guests. And another tip? Either take the garter off yourself or ease it down a bit so its not so high on your leg. And if you have sensitive and conservative guests, I’d say avoid having your groom taking the garter off with his teeth.

Sources: Wikipedia

Blue bow garter from Victoria’s Secret.


October 8

Destination Weddings

Deciding whether or not to have a destination wedding? Well, after seeing a number of brides getting married on drop dead gorgeous clips in Europe, I can see why you might. There are a few things to consider, however. Here are a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether a destination wedding is a go or not.


1) Your friends, family and you and your significant other will be able to share an experience of a lifetime!

2) You might save money by having a shorter guest list and less people who will actually come.

3) You will already be at your honeymoon site! No need for paying the extra costs of travel. You’re already there!


1) Having a destination wedding may upset some of your friends and family because they might be unable to go, or if they can afford to, will still have to spend extra money on plane fare and hotel.

2) You won’t have as much control over planning and won’t be able to meet often with vendors prior to your wedding day.

3) You’ll have to pack and bring all of your wedding things like your gown and his tux so make sure you find out about your airline’s baggage requirements before you leave and about the marriage requirements before you get there.

Send out wedding invitations with a destination wedding theme like this Palm Trees Wedding Invitation.


October 6

Honeymoon Review

Well I’m back and I have to say it was a wonderful honeymoon! Lots of beautiful things to see and experience and so worth all of the headache it took to get there. I did learn a few valuable lessons along the way. One thing I wish I did was pack lightly. Since we were in Europe and traveled to several cities in a short amount of time, I had to lug my suitcase with me, plus a backpack everywhere! Did I really need to pack 4 dresses and 4 pairs of shoes? 

One thing that I’m glad I did was pack one light jacket and one heavy jacket and an umbrella. Though we checked the weather a few days before we left, even the weather report couldn’t predict the sudden cold shift that affected a lot of Europe. While we were expecting sunny skies with 60-70 degrees weather, we got rain and temperatures up to 51 degrees. Without my one warm sweater and an umbrella, I would have been so cold. 

Another thing that I would advise is to put together a little toiletry see through kit and keep it in one place. I had my toothbrush in one bag and my soap in another and it drove me crazy! Keep everything together and remember to pack things like toilet paper and seat covers just in case.  

And if you get motion sickness and are crazy enough to ride boats, plane and trains like me, either pack motion sickness medicine or one of those special wristbands. Try sea band or the psi band which prevents sickness and nausea by pushing down on an acupressure point on your wrists.

I had a memorable trip and I’m sure you will too! Just remember it’s easy to get lost in the romance of your honeymoon but coming prepared will make everything all the more better. 


October 3

Fun Finds Friday: Fall Style

Bold colors pop and are making their debut in this year’s fall fashion finds. Here are a few that I love.

These jewel toned accessories are sure to captivate you, your bridesmaids and guests with modern style and charm. Hobo International Dawn clutch wallet in amethyst and Bettye Midler Muller Oxford in raisin and teal, both from Piperlime make a striking statement.