Bride Wars

June 30

A Bride’s Diary: Bride Wars? Think Again!

Wedding Paper Divas is bursting with staff brides who are currently planning their weddings. We’re happy to share their stories with you as a part of this fun feature!

When you imagine your wedding day, most (if not all) brides make it all about them. It’s only natural. So what happens when you and your BFF are getting married only a month apart?

Here’s the story. Angela and I met in the eighth grade and Cupertino Jr. High School. Although we were friends, our love affair with one another really never flourished until high school and into college. We have been inseparable ever since.

Now, here come the boys. Angela began dating Ben when she was 15 (YES, 15!). Needless to say, everyone always knew they would get married. Fast forward eight years to when Angela and Ben got engaged. You would think wedding bells would soon follow, but they didn’t move that fast. Angela had braces, so the wedding waited for three years.

I finally found the right one when I was 23. Almost three years later, Marvin popped the big question and the wedding plans began. There was no waiting here. We picked a date for our wedding (I always knew I wanted it in September), but before I could make any decisions, I HAD to talk to Angela. With her wedding in August, I felt guilty about planning mine so soon after hers.

After about 10 rounds of Angela threatening me with, “If you don’t have your wedding in September, I’m kicking you out of mine!” the dates were set.

Angela is getting married August 28th and I am getting married September 25th (thanks to Angela!). Every time we mention the dates of our weddings, people automatically assume we are at each other’s throats and on the verge of a best friend break-up.

That’s definitely not the case. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, and I know she feels the same. We have been to all of each other’s big appointments—photographers, dress, cakes and so on. We constantly bounce ideas off of each other and talk about our likes and dislikes. We are just as excited for each other’s weddings as we are our own.

If you and your BFF are getting married around the same time, here are some things keep in mind:

  • To play it on the safe side, ask the person who was engaged first if getting married at the same time would bother her. Then ask again. She is always going to tell you it’s okay the first time!
  • Bounce ideas off of each other, but keep things separate. If you are at a cake tasting for her, don’t inquire about your own cake. This is HER appointment. There would be nothing worse than feelings getting hurt over stolen ideas.
  • Check in with one another. Always ask if the other needs help. Don’t forget that there are two of you going through this, not just you.
  • Be mindful when it comes to bridesmaids in BOTH weddings. You need to give them plenty of time to save and let them know ahead of time if things are going to get pricey. They won’t mind because they love you, right?
  • Plan ahead! Remember that with a wedding also comes engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and so on. Be mindful of schedules.
  • ENJOY THIS TIME! This will be the best time in your life, and to share it with your closest friend will make it that more special.

Happy Planning!

Meet Kari

According to Marvin, he met Kari at a college football game. Kari says the actual story is that they met at a mutual friends house. Wherever the love connection may have taken place, the two ended up becoming best friends and the rest is history. Four years after their meeting (or “meetings”), the two plan to marry on September 25, 2010 in San Ramon, California.