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November 3

Bridal Shower Ideas & Tips For Bridesmaids

Being asked to become a bridesmaid (especially the Maid of Honor) is one of the greatest compliments you can be given, and it carries with it a certain amount of responsibility. When the big day comes, the bride will rely on you more than ever to make sure everything goes smoothly (and to help calm her wedding day jitters). However, your first responsibility to the bride begins months before the wedding day arrives, since you are expected to plan and host her bridal shower. Before you dive headfirst into the party-planning details, here are a few bridal shower ideas and tips you should keep in mind in order to host a great shower.

bride to be at her bridal shower with all her girlfriends

Image via Sivan Ayla

Don’t Be a Hero

Just because you are in charge does not mean you have to do everything yourself. In fact, attempting to be the sole performer of all bridal shower duties can not only burn you out quickly, but it can also increase the chances that you will forget an important step in the shower-planning process. Delegating responsibilities to others is not a sign of weakness and can help ensure that everything comes together smoothly. Only delegate important responsibilities to people you can count on to come through for you and the bride.

Set the Date and Location a Month in Advance

Have a date and location already planned at least a month prior to the shower. Create the guest list as soon as you can, so you can get that step out of the way before the bride’s attention becomes swallowed up in wedding day arrangements. If the shower is a surprise to the bride, get together with a member of her close family to create the guest list.

Make sure you check the availability of VIPs (family members, best friends, etc.) If the bride’s favorite people are unable to attend it will definitely put a damper on the occasion. While you may not be able to find a time that accommodates everyone, you should be able to choose a date that will be suitable for a majority of the bride’s VIPs. Ideally, the shower should be scheduled to occur a month or two prior to the wedding date.

bridal shower ideas for venue backyard themed

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Choose Invitations That Match the Wedding Theme

Get invitations ready to go at least a month before the event. They should ideally be ordered and ready to send out between six and eight weeks before the shower. Choose invitations that match the wedding theme, whether it be formal, casual, vintage or rustic. Including an RSVP request on each invitation is a great way to plan appropriate food and seating arrangements.

For an extra-special keepsake, set aside one invitation to give to the bride once the shower is over. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will enjoy being able to have a tangible reminder of the special occasion.

soft pink floral bridal shower invitation

Gift Guidelines Are Encouraged

Hopefully, the bride has already had the chance to register for gifts at her favorite locations, which should be listed on the invitation itself or on a separate insert. However, you may still want to include guidelines for gifts on the invitations just in case guests do not purchase items from the registry. This is especially important for guests who may be traveling into town for the occasion and do not have access to any of the locations where the bride is registered.

It Is Polite to Invite People Even if You Know They Cannot Come

Many bridesmaids make the mistake of leaving faraway relatives and friends off of the guest list because they automatically assume they cannot make it. However, this can feel like a snub to individuals who would love to be there if they could. It is always a nice gesture to send invitations to the important people in the bride’s life, even if there is very little chance that they can attend the event.

three women wearing floral crowns with their backs turned at bridal shower

Image via Sivan Ayla

Finger Food Is Ideal

Although you may be tempted to go all-out on a 5-course meal, finger food is ideal for most bridal showers. It is easy to display, easy to serve and typically mess-free. Choose items that can be purchased or made in advance so that you have as little stress as possible when the big day arrives. As with the invitations, try to tie the refreshments into the overall theme of the wedding, if possible.

bridal shower tips finger food

Image via Sivan Ayla

Hosting a bridal shower can be quite enjoyable if you know what to expect and how to plan the event properly. Take these important notes and tips into consideration and you will be able to pull off the perfectly-hosted bridal shower.

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July 20

Rustic Glamour Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower is the perfect occasion to shower the bride with love and to have a little fun! A bride is confronted with many big decisions to make when it comes to her big day and those planning her shower have big decisions to make as well! With so many fun bridal shower ideas, themes, and color schemes out there it can be very difficult to choose the perfect fit for the special bride-to-be. Don’t panic! We have everything you need to get inspired with these unforgettable rustic glamour bridal shower ideas. First, think themes, colors, and invitations! We really wanted the theme to represent the almost Mrs. so we decided to go with a rustic look. We didn’t want to be too countryside so we stayed classic with white and glammed up where we could with party glasses and other décor.

rustic glamour bridal shower ideas collage of bridal shower invitations and bridal shower decorations
Photo Source: Cake | Sofa | Glasses | Dress | Succulents | Cabinet | Cupcake Liners

Featured Bridal Shower Invitation: Rustic Glamour Shower Invitations. See our full collection of bridal shower invitations here.

  • Cake: Muted green, tasty, and classic! This cake has it all, add cake decorations like these white flowers for an even more special touch.
  • Sofa: This statement piece can make any shower feel rustic and antique-y. A sofa is a great way to incorporate your shower colors in a big way.
  • Glasses: Glam up your shower with some elegant glasses that make for beautiful décor.
  • Dress: Shower the almost Mrs. in a special way with some fashion! Style the bride-to-be in a beautiful lacy and delicate dress!
  • Succulents: Adding some floral décor is always a good idea. Look for flowers or even plants that are in bloom during the shower and pick one some that go with the color scheme. Here, we chose some beautiful succulents!
  • Cabinet: What another great way to really make a statement! Add some more of your colors to the shower with a cabinet. Then glam the cabinet up with beautiful dish ware.
  • Cupcake Liners: Add a cute and easy theme related touch to the tasty treats at the shower! Patterned liners like polka dots are another great way to add more fun to the shower!

With this inspiration we made beautiful and unique choice by going with a muted green color scheme. This color shouts dainty and classic and is easy to incorporate in almost all of the bridal shower decorations. Not to mention, the invitations for a shower are a sort of “sneak peak” of what the day will be like. These stunningly rustic bridal shower invitations are the perfect way to excite the guests and give them a taste of the shower to come. There is really no other way to honor the almost Mrs! Get the theme, color scheme, and decorations right with this inspiration that we love and we hope you enjoy too!


February 6

A Valentine’s Bridal Shower Gift Box DIY

We are so excited to share this adorable Valentine’s Day bridal shower gift box that Gillian from A Coastal Bride photographed and created. Whether using this cute box as a bridal shower gift favor for your guests, or sending it in addition to a bridal shower invitation, it is sure to make your guests excited for the celebratory day!

Did you know that all of our paper product is customizable? Gillian found this lovely “Blushing Corsage” wedding invitation and modified the text to say “bridal shower.” She also customized these gorgeous matching gift tags! For more inspiration and tips on how to put this box together, head over to A Coastal Bride.

Valentine_001 Valentine_004 Valentine_007



January 9

A Flowers and Feathers Themed Bridal Shower

We are thrilled to share this whimsical bridal shower, coordinated and styled by the lovely Shannon of Bottle Pop Party Co. The talented Hudson Nichols captured incredible details like gorgeous flower crowns from Fresh Designs, a stunning cake by Princess of Persia and one of our fun bridal shower games. Shannon was inspired to create this theme after seeing our “Radiant Wreath” bridal shower invitation suite. Thank you, Shannon, for the inspiration!

Feather shoot 1Feather Shoot CrownsFeature Shoot 2Feather and flowers shoot table

Feathers shoot thank you cardsFeathers shoot tableFeather shoot gift bagsfeathers and flowersFeather and flower shoot favorsFeathers and flowers cake


April 2

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: A Bouquet of Bridal Shower Invites

Here comes the bride-to-be. And since April showers bring May flowers, why not give her a floral tribute? Inspired by bright poppies, soft pink roses and the timelessness of daisies, our bridal shower invitations set the tone for an elegant brunch, a rustic luncheon or whatever tickles the blushing bride’s fancy. Botanical borders in subtle shades or pops of vibrant hues lend springtime cheer to any bridal shower. So establish the festive mood with these invitations and finish with lively bouquets or sprinkles of petals as the bridal shower décor. Our fresh picks are on trend for spring and blooming lovely, if we do say so ourselves.

Floral Bridal Shower Invites

Floral Bridal Shower Invites

Floral Bridal Shower Invites

Floral Bridal Shower Invites

Floral Bridal Shower Invites


March 31

Fresh and Bright Bridal Shower Inspiration Board

Let fresh spring blooms and bright hues inspire your bridal shower. We love the idea of picking a color palette based on your invitation and carrying it through your entire event.

bridal shower inspiration

L to R: Wedding Paper Divas Fresh and Bright bridal shower invite, TablescapeCenterpieceCake PopsLavender Crème BruleeJuice