July 29

Fun Arizona Engagement Photography at Sunset

Today, we are so excited to be sharing this sweet engagement photography with you all! From their favorite bar, to the epic desert scenery of Arizona, we love what these two planned for their summer photo session.

Chris and Meagan first met at the law firm they both worked for. They were friends for several years, and would casually flirt with one another from time to time. One night as the two of them went out for a beer after work, Chris decided he would tell Megan about his feelings for her. As he started to confess the way he felt, Megan also shared that she had been harboring a crush on him as well- since day one!

Their first stop for this engagement session, was at the brewery where Chris first confessed his romantic feelings for Megan. They had fun sampling some of their favorite beers, and then went out to the back and took photos by a pretty, historic brick warehouse. Downtown Phoenix is known for cool, artsy shops and allowed for some really unique photography. As they noticed storm clouds coming in, they headed off into the desert for a few final shots. They arrived just in time, and captured some stunning moments of the sun going down over the horizon.

Make sure to pick out your custom save the dates, once you and your better half have taken your engagement pictures!


Photography Credit: David Lemp Photography

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October 7

Rant or Rave: A No-Host Cash Bar

Couples are always looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to putting on a wedding (especially as of recent). Maybe they are doing the flowers themselves. Many do DIY decor projects to spruce the place up. Others opt to have a no-host bar, where the guests pay for their own drinks. 

If you were looking to cut costs, would you opt to have a no-host bar? Or would you rather keep the libations flowing and cut back on something else? Rant or rave!


August 13

Take Me to the Candy Bar…

I love this trend. And why wouldn’t I? Candy bars are both sweet and chic, fun and functional! They offer an easy, affordable opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors into the reception in a delightful way, and with M&M’s new campaign that allows you to customize your candies with photos and messages, you can add even more sugary fun to the mix! Plus, candy bars are a more family friendly option for the ceremony than wine bars, letting everyone from the flower girl to Grandma enjoy the treats you’ve laid out.

But, when I brought the idea up to my family, they argued that it seemed a little childish. I think their exact words were, “Who are you marrying? Willy Wonka?”

What do you think? Are candy bars playful and posh, or do they leave a bad taste in your mouth?


July 8

Wedding Wine Bar

I’ve done the candy bar thing, but if I had to do it all over again, maybe I’d add a wine bar to our wedding. Although we did have a table filled with jars of green colored candies that were a big hit with kids, I think adding a wine bar for adults would have been equally fun. The bar was filled with our favorite wines and green and cream colored sodas, but what about taking it a step further by creating a wine tasting section?

1) Ask your caterers to set up a special table for this occasion. Having the wine tasting bar in the cocktail room would be fitting.

2) Alert guests to the bar with one of those charming chalkboards I mentioned in my last post. Or print out the wine list and have it framed on the table.

3) Have fun choosing your wine. For our wedding, we chose two reds, two whites and one dessert wine that was my favorite. Buying your alcohol at places like Costco or other markets is great because you can return any extras you have.

4) Hire a bartender or ask someone you know who loves wine to work the table.

5) Take plenty of pictures! Make sure to tell your photographers to get some shots of your guests enjoying the wine tasting.

Wine tasting at Domaine Carneros in Napa