Bachelorette Parties

June 10

Mixed Gender Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties: Rant or Rave

We’ve heard some heated debate recently about whether bachelorette parties should be purely for the ladies and bachelor parties strictly for the guys. We know many of you have close friends of the opposite sex. So what do you think?

bachelorette party

Does it ruin the fun if you throw a guy in the middle of manis, wine tasting and all those other girly things? Would a girl get in the way of the guys hitting the green for a round of golf, bonding over brews and other (sometimes unmentionable) manly activities? Rant or rave!


May 13

Bachelorette Party Guest List: Rant or Rave

Every bride and groom has a different definition of a their ideal last fling before the ring, from formal luncheons to raucous weekends in Vegas. But how do you decide who gets an invite?

Should bachelor and bachelorette parties be exclusive to the wedding party, or open to other friends and family members? What if it’s a destination ocassion?

How many people are you planning to have at your bachelorette party? Who’s on your guest list? We want to know, so rant or rave!



June 24

Inspiration Board: Bachelorette Party

Here is some inspiration for a bachelorette party, or a pre-party before going out on the town to celebrate! The bride-to-be will surely enjoy some classy sweets and treats in pretty shades of pink and sparkling champagne themed details.

L to R:  Wedding Paper Divas Town Toast Bachelorette Party Invitations from the Studio Basics collection,Hot pink table setting, Pink Cupcakes, Jelled Champagne Dessert, Champagne Glass Centerpiece, Pour La Victoire Pumps, Pink Drinks


August 29

Girlfriend Getaway

Why not extend the bachelorette party with your girlfriends to a whole weekend instead of just one night? It’ll be a chance to relax with the girls, reminisce about your single days and celebrate the upcoming wedding. Check out HolidayGoLightly for planned destinations that include all types of trips, from adventurous tours like going surfing on Oahu to taking a relaxing sunset sailing tour at Martha’s Vineyard. Budget Travel also has its own magazine on traveling specifically with your girlfriends, and their website has great articles, including how to be sensitive to your bridesmaids worries about cost, an article titled, “How to Plan a Bachelorette Party” and a ton of featured deals for you and your girlfriends.

After you’ve figured out what you’ll do, send out these fun, chic cards to invite them all over for a memorable time!

This Spa Days Bachelorette Party Invitation would be great for–what else?–a spa themed weekend getaway! Or, if you’re having an elegant gathering involving museums, parks and maybe some shopping, send out these Lovely Butterfly Bachelorette Party Invitations.


And, for an adventurous weekend including a few wild nights out, check out this Party Girl Bachelorette Party Invitations.