October 7

Diann Valentine’s Tip of the Week: Pain Fuels the Passion

We’re happy to bring you this weekly tip from celebrity wedding planner and Wedding Paper Divas stationery designer, Diann Valentine. To shop for her designs, check out our Diann Valentine collection.

I am often asked where I find inspiration. My interpretation of love and environments stems from a vast number of life occurrences, but it is always through a deep piercing within my heart that I find inspiration. I recently discovered the masterfully accomplished artist Tim Cantor as my BFF when I strolled through boutiques and art galleries in Sausalito on a brisk Sunday afternoon. The work of Tim Cantor is overwhelmingly distinctive, compelling and powerful. His luxuriant utilization of color is captivating to say the least. It is magical with an enchanting beauty that allows one to deeply connect with the imagery. Underneath this imagery lies a deep story that seems to capture feelings of peace, sorrow, loss, failure, triumph, tragedy and pure honesty.

While browsing through his gallery, I learned that Beauty’s Privilege was painted in honor of his aunt who had recently passed. The tree trunk resembles an open palm in my mind’s eye releasing her out into the heavens. I wondered if the leaves were ascending or descending in this work, but careful study revealed there are no leaves on the ground. Hence, they too are ascending upward. Tim calls Beauty’s Privilege “a profound study in which he renders an emotional expression of loss, love, and ultimately, finding beauty in the midst of tragedy.”

Guardian Angel is another piece that stopped me in my tracks, for I witnessed a reflection of my own fears toiling within to hide in the deepest places. But the passion in her eyes glares of a resilience that will never die.

And it was this image in the Cloister Garden at The One & Only Ocean Club that calmed the winds and revealed the design of Jennifer Williams’ opulent wedding ceremony with such clarity and confidence that I knew we had been assigned to each other lives for such a time as this!

For as much as I would scurry from my anguish and do my best to bury it in the deepest caves in my soul, I have ascertained that my willingness to openly reveal my truest and most authentic self to world, always returns with something extraordinary.

Thank you for allowing me to share a bit of my soul!

Keep spreading the love,


September 30

Tip of the Week: Retro Remix!

We’re happy to bring you this weekly tip from celebrity wedding planner and Wedding Paper Divas stationery designer, Diann Valentine. To shop for her designs, check out our Diann Valentine collection.

When I started designing my new invitation collection, I knew one suite in the collection would reflect my love for retro pop art. In my interior work, nostalgic textile patterns and wallpapers with an updated modern flair from designers such as Osborne and Little and Flavor Paper have found a place in many of my environmental interpretations. I was compelled to extrapolate renditions of these motifs into a wedding stationery ensemble. The Lingering Love suite started with inspiration from the curvaceous lines of delicate antique perfume bottles and the geometric lines in a Chopard watch with a hidden abstract heart embedded in the design as a symbol of my love.  As I studied the elements, bold colors screamed for recognition.

Vision Board for Lingering Love Suite

As an artist, I took this opportunity to design from my soul without a client or a project in mind. I took a chance and simply did something that moved me.  You see, artists are always in a tug of war between what people believe will sell and what we know in our hearts will satisfy our need to create.  For this one, I threw caution to the wind and I’m thrilled to see in this month’s Elle Décor—a headline that proves I was a little ahead of the trend.

Elle Decor, September 2010

As the collection made its debut, Lingering Love was born. After months or percolating, it is building steam and growing in popularity (which is an amazing validation). This suite supports my belief that (1) women in love are ready to embrace color and (2) they truly want a fresh perspective on their weddings, but the options are far too limited! Like never before, I will represent the women who are ready, willing and able to embrace color in their life celebrations!

Lingering Love Design Suite

So who out there is giving their own retro remix to the most important celebration of their life?

Keep spreading the love,


May 8

Starry Night Wedding Inspiration

When I first saw this gorgeous Starry Night-themed wedding on Junebug Weddings, I was perfectly delighted! It’s so vibrant and lovely, and inspired by one of the most memorable pieces of art in Van Gogh’s lifetime of work. I just adore the way the deep blues and daffodil yellow contrast against one another in such a harmonious way.

What a perfectly gorgeous way to start your Saturday morning!

These deep navy and sunshine yellow Wedding Paper Divas wedding invitations would match this theme flawlessly:


February 26

Art on the Menu

Tired of trying to please picky guests with your wedding planning? Instead of cakes and crumpets, try serving cardboard instead!



All of these desserts were created by artist Pattie Stevenson for her The Cardboard Kitchen collection. A self-professed foodie, Stevenson has a vast array of food-based art on her website, Art on the Menu. She even has a blog that features real recipes and cooking tips! It’s the perfect combination of modern art and culinary fun to help distract you from the stress of wedding planning.