November 15

Sweet Tweets: Proposal Stories in 140 Characters or Less

We asked our Twitter followers to tweet us their proposal story. All of a sudden, when confined to 140 characters, every proposal sounds so much more creative and sweet! 

Here are five of our favorites:

@LindseyLoSlam tweeted: we planted in the backyard, I hit something w/shovel… Treasure box with diamond ring…I looked over & he was on 1 knee:)

@caseyfphoto tweeted: Times Square. Her birthday. Gospel choir singing “Hallelujah” in the background. So excited she couldn’t get her glove off.

@_whatsarahsaid_ tweeted: Driving to NH & car dies, call tow truck, get rental car, hike to waterfall, popped the question… determined fiance!

@kelsgurl tweeted: Paris at dusk. Wine & chocolate. Told him to be a good bf & throw our trash away. He said he didnt want to be my bf anymore

@Karen9119 tweeted: I was making eggs on 2/11/11 when he got on 1 knee with ring & asked me. I said yes & ate breakfast with my future husband!

How would you tell your proposal story in 140 characters or less? Let’s hear it!


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