February 26

Sick on your wedding day?

I’ve been battling a horrible cold for the last week, complete with a loud, hacking cough that I’m pretty sure has driven my entire office insane.  Luckily, it’s just a normal week for me and I don’t have any special events coming up, so I can take my time healing.

I wasn’t so lucky in this department around my wedding.  About a month before, I caught yet another horrible cold that resulted in bronchitis and laryngitis–and it reached its peak on my bachelorette party weekend!  Needless to say, the old trick of downing whiskey for a sore throat has never been so welcome.  I powered through the weekend, and now, my illness is just a vague memory compared to the fun I had.  I’m just thankful that I wasn’t plagued with on my actual wedding day.

Sadly, with the stress and craziness leading up to the day of your wedding, it has to be a reality for some brides.  What would you do if you were sick on your wedding day? Is there anyone out there that powered through illness on the day of your wedding?

I hope for the sake of all sick brides out there that you are able to get past the illness and remember only the joy, happiness and celebration of the wedding day.  If you want to avoid getting sick before your wedding, The Knot offers these tips for staying healthy before the wedding.  And, the blog at MyWeddingFavors.com has some tips for sick brides to keep you looking your best!

Remember, try to relax, eat well and take your vitamins!  With the right effort, you can stay healthy for your big day.



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  1. Weddings on the Strand

    The Knot article and the excellent piece posted in MyWeddingFavors offer sound and practical ideas and advice that can be applied to even those events that are of lesser consequence. Great reference material!


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