March 7

Sending the right message

Some brides find selecting flowers to be one of the more challenging tasks when planning their wedding. In addition to having hundreds of options to choose from is the fact that each flower has a distinct meaning. As you try to find the perfect flowers for your event, below are the meanings from today’s most popular flowers choices. We hope these flowers help inspire your wedding planning!

Calla Lillies represent “magnificent beauty”

Calla Lilly means “magnificent beauty”

Image from InStyle Weddings


Mock Oranges represent “deceit” and Sunflowers represent “adoration”


Image from InStyle Weddings


Orchids represent “rare beauty”


Image from InStyle Weddings


Peonies represent “A Happy Marriage” and Tulips represent “A perfect lover”


Image from Elegant Bride

Roses represent “love”





Some other popular flower meanings are:
• Dahlia: Instability.
• Forget-Me-Not: True love
• Hibiscus: Delicate beauty
• Lily: Majesty, Innocence
• Lotus Blossom: Estranged love



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