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Making an Entrance: Selecting Ceremony Music

Close your eyes and think back on your favorite movie moments. It could be a long awaited kiss, a game-winning shot, the moment the guy gets the girl…any defining scene that gave that movie your glowing approval. What do they all commonly share?

Yes, the uplifting musical score! Music sets a very important precedent. A single song can create drama, meaning and most importantly, memories. And though it may not be the most vital stop on your wedding planning schedule, taking the time to select your ceremony soundtrack is an important and unique way to add personal flavor to your big day.

After selecting your ceremony site, sit down with your +1 and talk about what you really want in terms of music. First, determine what types of songs will be played during the entire ceremony. For ceremony music basics (think prelude, processional, couple’s grand recessional) check out this helpful guide from The Knot. Next, consider these questions to get you started:

  • What’s appropriate for your location? Some ceremony sites and officiants might not allow those bagpipes or a full string quartet, so check before you book!
  • What will your guests hear when they are being seated? What might the groom want playing while he’s waiting patiently for his bride?
  • What do you want to walk down the aisle to? Classic and traditional, slightly unconventional or something that’s never been done before?
  • Where will the music be coming from? Is someone singing or playing an instrument? A string quartet? Your ipod?
  • What can you hear playing when you take your first steps as a married couple? What kind of mood do you want to create leading into the reception? (Note: you might want to save “your song” for the first dance!)

You don’t have to perform a choreographed dance with your entire wedding party to make your ceremony music special. It may be slightly daunting, but you can create the ultimate experience with your musical taste and a little brainstorming!

Have you been to any weddings where the music selection really stood out at the ceremony?


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2 thoughts on “Making an Entrance: Selecting Ceremony Music

  1. wedding music dave

    Yes, a group singing might be nice. Or anyone singing for that matter.

    Brief article, but introduces the topic well. The subject of ceremony music alone is a much, much, much bigger topic…


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