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Rustic Wedding Decor: Creative with Cotton

When I spotted this chic rustic wedding on Jolie Jolie, I instantly fell in love. The understated, earthy colors, the balsa wood flowers, and the elegant use of twigs and twine made this celebration look dreamy and rustic all at the same time. Then I saw the kicker—poofs of cotton used to accent the earthy luxury of everything from the bouquets to the aisle decor.

It’s so unique and graceful that I simply had to feature it. Can you say gorgeous?






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13 thoughts on “Rustic Wedding Decor: Creative with Cotton

  1. Kristin Kidd

    I was just searching through your blog when I came across my own wedding posted on here! When my husband and I decided to use cotton as our main theme we knew we were going to LOVE it and then when we saw it in person we were even more blown away then we could have anticipated! Thanks for featuring our wedding on here! 🙂

  2. Katie Post author

    It’s so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with the wedding bloggers of the world. We absolutely adore this look, and our readers love it too!

  3. Jackie

    I LOVE all of this!!! Where do you purchase “poofs of cotton and balsa wood flowers” from!!? Is it expensive to decorate this way?

  4. Kristin Kidd

    Thanks Katie!
    Jackie- I purchased all of my cotton from cottonman.com at a great price! And I believe our floral designer purchased all of our balsa wood flowers from an LA flower market vendor. They were a little bit more in cost but well worth it!

  5. Laura

    I LOVE this! I’m getting married in June in Memphis, TN, where cotton has played a huge role in the shaping of the city’s history. So of course my fiance and I want to incorporate cotton into the theme of our wedding. How did you make the strings of cotton? (did you make or order them?) Those are precious

  6. Chandra @ Oh Lovely Day

    And the photographer for these images is the very talented Jasmine Star. Recognized the photos as hers as soon as I saw them, but didn’t see the credit on here, so I wanted to make sure she was recognized for her amazing work.

  7. Tegan

    Kristin. I was browsing though and not only fell in love with your flowers but also your. Who is the designer of your dress?

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