May 26

Respondez sil vous plait: Confessions of a Bridesmaid

The Wedding Paper Divas headquarters is bustling with bridesmaids helping their friends, siblings and sorority sisters plan their weddings. These are their confessions…

My Dearest Bride,

I really would love for all your closest friends to be able to attend the fabulous bridal shower I’m planning! At the same time, I would love to make sure that I’m aware of how many individuals I will be accommodating. How embarrassing for a guest to show up and find that the chairs are in fact numbered, and each setting does have a place card, and there isn’t one for them?

response card

Though it’s not my job to hunt people down and ask them for a “yes” or “no” on their attendance, neither is it yours. I understand that I don’t know some of the guests who are invited, but they are adults and I am pretty sure they are capable of replying by the date listed on the invite, without your encouragement. I just want you to come to the shower and enjoy, not worry about the little details of monitoring the guestlist!

When it comes down to the last minute, I can always check in with a guest who hasn’t responded. But it’s my headache, not yours.


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