October 8

Requesting Unwrapped Gifts: Today’s Diva Dish

We love brides and party planners who make a commitment to the environment! Here’s a letter from a reader who is doing just that:

Hi Divas!

Our friend would like guests to *not* wrap the gifts they bring to her wedding shower. Her reasoning is a neat idea because not only are we saving $6-10 on wrapping paper and a bow, but it’s saving all the paper and bows from being thrown right into the trash. Every little bit to help the environment, right?

Of course, it also avoids someone taping all those bows onto a paper plate for the bride-to-be to wear as an ever-so-tacky hat.

My question is, how do I eloquently state the request for no wrapping paper or bows on the wedding shower invitations?

Thanks for the advice,


Thank you for writing in Letitia! This is a great idea, and we’re more than happy to help find a solution. Our etiquette experts suggest one of these options for your bridal shower invitations:

[Honoree] requests unwrapped gifts.

Help save a tree and leave your gift unwrapped.

Help us go green in style and leave your gifts unwrapped.

No matter which one you choose, you’re sure to have an elegant design to match your equally elegant (and tacky-hat-free!) event. Thanks again!

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5 thoughts on “Requesting Unwrapped Gifts: Today’s Diva Dish

  1. Letitia

    Thank you so much for answering this question and offering some GREAT suggestions. I hope this gives other wedding parties the neat idea too!

  2. Danielle

    Thank you so much for this suggesstion. We (my bridal party and myself) we talking over this idea. My concerns with this is what to do with all the extra time that is saved by not unwrapping and have you heard any complaints from family members that would enjoy watching the gifts being unwrapped? I have a feeling most of the attendees would not care but I think a few (like grandparents) enjoy this tradition.

    Thanks for your feedback!!

  3. Meg B

    I had a green bridal shower back in August. Guests brought the presents either unwrapped, or in a pretty basket or in reusable shopping bags. I “opened” all of them in front of everyone so people still go to ooh and ahh over them. It was very nice.

  4. deanna russo

    Another great alternative is to request a Bow Only shower with a particular color theme. Use a BowK and ask each guest to add the ribbon or bow from their gift as it is “unwrapped”. This allows the guests to really focus on a pretty gift trimming that will create a beautiful arrangement. The finished BowK is perfect for carrying during the rehearsal or displaying on a gift table at the wedding.


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