September 25

Rant or Rave: Vegan Weddings

We all know that weddings are supposed to reflect the unique style of the bride and groom, but thoughts on this matter tend to diverge when it comes to food.


If a bride and groom are vegan or vegetarian, should they host a reception that strictly follows their own eating habits? Would you like to see other options on the menu, or would that strike you as a betrayal of their principles? Should vegan couples make allowances for their guests’ tastes, or should they stay true to their beliefs?

Do vegan weddings make you want to rant or rave?


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5 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Vegan Weddings

  1. Sarah Cooley

    I am really struggling with this decision when planning my own wedding. My fiance is a meat eater, but I am a vegetarian, sometimes vegan.

    My conflict is that normal catering companies usually don’t make very good vegan food.

  2. Lindsay

    Since they are the ones paying for the food, they should be able to decide their own type of meal. They want their day special, why not the food too?

  3. Mehgan

    My fiance and I are both vegetarian along with my whole family and his brother. We are paying for the wedding ourselves so we are having a completely vegetarian wedding with some vegan options. (My mom is vegan along with some of our friends.) Its one thing to make your guests happy and comfortable, its another to go against your beliefs altogether. Most people dont even notice that its a vegetarian meal unless you specifically tell them. Lots of people eat pasta dishes, rice dishes, vegetable dishes without meat. One meal without meat isnt going to hurt them. We are lucky enough to have an amazing caterer that not only makes wonderful vegetarian/vegan dishes, but uses local/in season ingredients.

  4. Liz

    I don’t mind at all. After all, who am I to be upset over what the bride and groom choose to serve? I’m not paying for it, so let them choose what they like.

  5. midwestelle

    How about pasta? I’m not vegan, but I believe there are vegan pastas out there? You could always offer a vegan, a vegetarian, and maybe even a fish/seafood option, to provide some variety. Also, how about soy dishes? I’m not saying serve morningstar patties at the wedding, but there are a lot of ways to trick folks into being satisfied with a meatless meal.

    p.s. just make sure it’s good! I went to one wedding and the vegetarian entree looked better than the meat dishes, so at the next wedding I attended I got the vegetarian entree and it was horrible.


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