June 12

Rant or Rave: Two Weddings

Giselle Bundchen did it. Salma Hayek did it. But would you do it?

It seems like double weddings are all the rage these days, and not the double weddings where two best friends tie the knot in tandem. These brides have two ceremonies, complete with two receptions.

Most of the time, the first wedding is a destination celebration on the beaches of Hawaii or in the streets of Paris, while the second ceremony takes place closer to home (unless you are Salma Hayek, who wed in both Paris and Venice—lucky girl!). By splitting time between two locations, the couple can better ensure that family and friends will be able to attend one of the two ceremonies.

Do you think this is a viable solution for non-celebrity couples? Would you host two weddings in two different locations? What would your dream destinations be? Rant or rave!



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4 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Two Weddings

  1. Other Than Roses Photography

    As a photographer I have been asked to shoot 2nd weddings a few times. Usually the first wedding was a ‘Court House’ wedding a few years ago and now that they have the money, they want to have a ‘real’ wedding to share with families.

    The only exception was a couple who ended up coordinating thier first wedding in 11 days because the groom is National Guard and got called to active duty and they wanted to be married before he went of to Iraq. they had a very beautiful, intimate beach ceremony with local family. He will return this summer and they are doing a church wedding that all their friends and family can attend this fall.

    So I’m all for it if their is a good reason. If it’s just to get more presents or have party after party – then i’d say no.

  2. Paula

    I hada friend who did the 2 weddings things. She’s from Brazil, her husband from the Netherlands, so they did one wedding there, then one here; both summer weddings, six months apart. It was very nice since she was very young (18) and most of her friends weren’t able to attend the wedding in Europe (my case). I still got to celebrate it with her!!!

  3. Brandy

    I can understand why this works so well for some couples. Especially when family and friends are unable to make it for one wedding. I have also seen this with the military example above. I think these are the perfect reasons.


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