October 9

Rant or Rave: Silk Wedding Flowers

It’s almost impossible to host a wedding without feeling a strain on your budget, and it’s particularly hard to order fresh wedding flowers without feeling the pinch. For example, a lovely bouquet of roses, orchids and gardenias runs upwards of $120!

As a result, some brides choose to order silk flowers instead of changing their flower choice or downgrading the size of their bouquet. Not only will they often save money with this option, they can also keep the bouquet long after the ceremony is over. Many silk or velvet bouquets even look quite realistic.


But, then again, they aren’t fresh flowers and they certainly aren’t traditional. What do you think? Do silk wedding flowers make you want to rant or rave?


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17 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Silk Wedding Flowers

  1. Heather

    My bouquet was real, but the flower arrangements for my bridesmaids were fake. We were budget-minded in selecting the flowers and it worked out well.

    I don’t think silk flowers take away from the look of the wedding, but I do think a good floral designer should be behind the arrangements whether they’re real or not. Some creative projects shouldn’t be attempted just because you have a Michael’s coupon.

  2. Beth

    I don’t mind silks at all. They can be much easier to work with. The biggest draw back is what to do with the gobs of flowers once you are done with them. That is where a decorator comes in handy. Not only will the arrangements look professionally inspired, but the designer will take the flowers off your hands so you don’t have to worry about decorating your whole house with them.

  3. Heidi

    I got married in ’97 during my vintage, old-becomes-new phase and desperately wanted dried flower bouquets. Well, you can image what a mess real dried flowers would be, so I opted for silk. These flowers were soooo pretty and a lot of people came up to touch them, thinking they were real.

    Also, I was able to keep my bouquet fully in-tact and in a shadow box with my personally custom designed invitation (fast forward 10 years and I started my own invitation company).

    There is such a variety in florals available that if you pick quality, well-designed pieces and have a great florist, you can accomplish something beautiful, classy, and within a tighter budget!

  4. Lynn

    For our daughter’s wedding this past June, we actually used a combination of silk and real and nobody could tell. This was our florist’s suggestion and it allowed us to have all the flowers our daughter wanted and still have rather large and beautiful bouquets.

  5. Tammy

    My first wedding (when I was younger & couldn’t afford much!) was a “destination” wedding in LasVegas. I made my bouquet using silk flowers I found on sale at a craft store! I had to bring everything with me in suitcases… dress, flowers, etc.
    Fresh flowers wouldn’t have traveled, and since we were getting into Vegas on Friday night, and getting married the next day, it would have been impossible to locate fresh flowers there.
    I’m sure with the right budget anything is possible, but I think silk works… esp. for DIY brides!

  6. Leah

    Go real. So worth it. I’m sorry, I will say it: Silk looks and feels cheap. I can spot a silk flower from a mile away.

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  9. Shavon's Wedding Silks

    Silk flowers as we knew them 5-10 years ago are out. Natural touch flowers are the new trend. Even brides with unlimited budgets are going this route. It’s the biggest trend for destination brides too.

  10. Cindy@ silk bouquets

    Of course fresh flowers should always be the first choice. Although silk bouquets are the trend these days but it doesn’t necessarily mean that fresh flowers are out. The longevity of silk flowers is an advantage, they look pretty real and sometimes you can’t distinguish that they’re artificial flowers, but of course these are just alternatives to the real ones.

  11. Cris~ florist Sydney

    It really depends on the availability of the flowers you want, if it’s seasonal and fresh flowers of your choice are not available then using silk flowers is alright. Nothing beats fresh flowers of course.


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