October 3

Rant or Rave: Should He Take Your Last Name?

For centuries, women have been taking on the last names of their husbands as a part of the whole wedding extravaganza. The practice is still prevalent today, with many women saying they happily take their husbands’ names because it is tradition, because they don’t like their maiden names or just because it’s a practice so ingrained in our society that they hadn’t thought of an alternative.

But in recent years, many women have been keeping their maiden names, or even encouraging their future husbands to take on their last names in a huge reversal of the typical surname structure. As reported in a variety of sources, from USA Today to religious websites like JC.com and legal sites like LegalZoom.com, the prevalence of husbands taking their wives last names has risen dramatically over the past few years. And yet, these couples continue to face harsh challenges, including ridicule from friends and a legal system that makes it easy for women to change their names, but much harder for men to do the same.

What do you think? Would you want your future husband to take your last name? Or, as a man, would you consider taking your wife’s surname? Under what conditions? Rant or rave about it!


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7 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Should He Take Your Last Name?

  1. Nicole D.

    I am excited to be able to take my fiance’s last name – especially because no one can pronounce my last name now!

    So, maybe I am a traditionalist because I find it to be an honor to take his name and create a single family together. I think I would feel uncomfortable if a man took on my name.

  2. Jackie White

    I don’t object to it at all. I actually believe it should be just as easy for either person to take the other’s names (in all fairness). But, I am a bit traditional, so I think I would personally want to take my husband’s name. On the other hand, I am one of two girls who are the last in our family to have our last name. If I had a son I may want to pass on my father’s name to him. I guess that makes me undecided.

  3. Kat

    I want to keep my own surname AND take his (hyphenated style), and I’m working on convincing him to do the same. He doesn’t seem opposed to it as such, just doesn’t want to do the paperwork.
    I’ll have to do the paperwork anyway so at least this way he can keep me company 😛

  4. Wendy

    Neither of my parents changed their names. My siblings and I all have our mother’s name with our father’s as a middle name. My parents debated combining the syllables of their names but wound up not doing it. Informally, people sometimes refer to my whole family that way though. My sister and I generally agree we wish they’d formally hyphenated or both changed to the combo. We really wish we had one name as a family.

    I don’t really like our last name as it stands now, though, and I DO like my boyfriend’s last name, so I’ll likely be taking his name just to get away from mine!!

    My mother has a friend whose maiden name was Webb. She changed her name to something absolutely impossible to spell when she got married because she wanted people to ask how to spell it and have a good reason to!!


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