November 4

Rant or Rave: Non-Traditional Registries

If a couple lives together before their wedding, or decides they have most of the things you would typically register for, they may opt for something non-traditional with their registry. And we’ve heard it all, from honeymoon and ticket registries, to one designed to help you renovate your home (new electrical wiring in the bathroom, anyone?). What does your registry look like? Have you ever bought from or contributed to a non-traditional registry for a friend?

What do you think about registries that stray from the norm? Rant or rave!


5 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Non-Traditional Registries

  1. Jacqueline

    Rave! If you don’t need it why register for it to make everyone else happy. In the end cash is king … best present ever.

  2. Amber

    We used a honeymoon registry on Wanderable! It had a pretty vintage lace design which we coordinated with our wedding colors. They took no fees from us and it had no ads (Even on the free version!). We also personalised our honeymoon registry with a picture of the 2 of us, wrote down our wedding details and a little note. It was absolutely gorgeous!
    You can see it for yourself on:

    Earlier this year I did have to contribute to a honeymoon registry and I think that the more detailed it is, the better, as it felt a bit more as if we were sharing the experience with the couple and I knew where my money was going.

    Registries that stray from the norm…Although I support honeymoon registries, I’m not all too sure how I feel about ticket registries or money to buy your own house. I feel that at least a honeymoon is related to a wedding. But for a house, I kind of feel you’re better off saying you don’t want any gifts and people are bound to get you cash instead, especially if the message is passed on from close friends and family.

  3. Janey

    I personally prefer traditional registries. I like gifts that last and remind me of the giver each time I use or look at it. I know honeymoon memories last too, but unless it’s specific (like airfare, lodging), it doesn’t have the same feeling to me. But to each her own!

  4. Riley

    My fiancee found Zankyou. We already have all our stuff so we really dont need anymore things. Zankyou is a cash registry and we are only paying 2.85% handling fee. Its pretty amazing and we highly recommend it!


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