August 22

Rant or Rave: Mismatching Bridesmaids

“Sex and the City” was famous for mismatching bridesmaid dresses. In Charlotte’s first wedding, all of the girls wore the same gorgeous, cream-colored fabric in three different cuts. In her second, the dresses didn’t match at all. Then, when Miranda married Steve, I think she didn’t even have official bridesmaids, and in Carrie’s flubbed wedding attempt to Mr. Big, the bridesmaids wore the same style of dress in three boldly different colors.

I love “Sex and the City,” but does anyone ever really pull this look off? Under what conditions can you make it work? And does it detract from the cohesive look of your ceremony to have bridesmaid’s dresses that don’t match? What do you think about mismatching bridesmaids? Rant or rave!


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6 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Mismatching Bridesmaids

  1. lea

    i think at the very least there should be a cohesive color palette. otherwise, you run the risk of it getting messy.

  2. Ramona

    I think it’s a cute idea but will only work well if you maintain continuity whether that be using same lengths, same fabric, same color. I was at a wedding were they did different dresses but the material was different so the dresses all looked different. I think the photo of the red dresses is quite successful in its attempt =)

  3. Robert Allen

    Many of the brides that we interview express the sentiment that getting the bridesmaids to all feel comfortable about the gowns chosen was one of the most challenging aspects of planning the wedding. This is certainly going to be an alternative. I do however agree that there needs to be some continuity.

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  4. Erika Barnes

    I love the idea of the same color with different cuts. I think it allows each bridesmaid to accentuate their personal style or shape while being cohesive with the other girls. I also think it makes the scene even more romanticized. The example of the deep red dresses is perfect!

  5. Tara

    I like the red dresses. My friend had all different dresses but same color and fabric, and it looked really nice, plus it allowed us all to choose the style that looked best on each of us!

  6. Lucia

    We had the bridesmaids in one of our wedding colors (matching the vests and ties of the groomsmen) with the maid of honor and flower girl in the other of our wedding colors (matching the vests and ties of the best man and ring bearer). I think there does need to be some consistency, even if it is that all the dresses are tropical colors, autumn colors or some other theme.


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