August 26

Rant or Rave: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Love her or not, Kim Kardashian’s wedding was (and still is) all the buzz on the wedding circuit. 450 guests. A 10-tier cake (allegedly costing $20,000). The Vera Wang Gown… or should we say gowns. A limited-edition perfume to celebrate her wedding. No doubt about it, this was a Hollywood wedding of epic proportions.

What do you think? More power to her—every girl deserves the royal treatment on her wedding day! Or was this wedding way over the top? Rant or rave!


2 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

  1. Coretta's Elegant Events

    Quite honestly, I did my best to ignore the PR campaign by the entire family and E! channel about this wedding. However, I was suckered into looking at pictures and I do think she looks beautiful. I love the first Vera Wang ballgown and all the mirrors at the reception. She had a beautiful, over-the-top wedding. More power to her. Now can we please go back to regularly scheduled programming? lol

  2. Erin O'Brien

    It was way over the top. To me it was a spectacle. I hate seeing when a girl, a bride, gets lost in the fantasy of a fabulous wedding and forgets about the marriage aspect of it. I read somewhere that the groom’s family was disgusted, like the wedding felt like a television show… I’m tired of the Kardashians wanting attention, money, and some more attention. Just how I feel!


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