June 25

Rant or Rave: Inviting Your Boss

You’ve nailed down both sides of family and friends. Now it’s time to decide who will make the cut from your respective places of employment. This will depend on a lot of factors—size of company, position in company, importance of office politics, etc. The last thing you want to be faced with after returning from your honeymoon is awkwardness at work—but do you really want the head honcho of your organization to witness you cut a rug after your fourth glass of champagne?

Will you have your boss at your wedding? Should brides and grooms feel obligated to invite their bosses to their big day?  Rant or rave about it!


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3 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Inviting Your Boss

  1. Nat

    I actually invited a group of friends to my wedding and I didn’t feel guilty or obligated in inviting more than who I wanted there. I didn’t want to invite my direct boss because we didn’t get along too well.

    I feel that if you want to spend the money on people that you want at your wedding, you invite them!

  2. sylvietta

    oh noes. my team member invited me to her wedding. did she do it out of obligation? you think?? personally, i wouldn’t have an issue with it. i’m lucky that my bosses are all great folks and i would love to celebrate my big day with them!

  3. Jon_Elle

    I think you have to invite your boss. Whether they will show up or not is something different, but out of respect I think you should. One of my co-workers got married over Memorial Day weekend and invited the Executive Director, her new direct supervisor and another one of the directors. None of them showed up, but her mom was ADAMANT that they be invited.

    I think in most cases, the boss that you don’t have a strong relationship with will know that they are being invited because of their title/role and probably will not show up. The boss that you have more of a relationship with will show up if their schedules allow.


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