May 29

Rant or Rave: How Much Should a Bridesmaid Spend?

Unfortunately, on the wedding scene you tend to come across stories of hapless bridesmaids being tortured by the whims of a raging bridezilla. We’ve heard of everything from bridesmaids being banned from the beach because tanlines are simply unacceptable, to the ladies signing a contract that explicitly states that they will not get pregnant before the wedding out of a fear that they will “ruin the aesthetic” of a ceremony.

But brides don’t have to be completely out of control in order to torture their friends—simple budget demands will do the trick. In this all-too-common story from Smart Spending, a bridesmaid laments over being asked to pay $275 for a dress she hates, on top of chipping in for a bachelorette party and four separate showers!

Do you think that’s fair? How much do you expect the bridesmaids at your wedding to spend? Have you ever had to deal with insane bridesmaid costs? How did you handle it? Do pricey bridesmaid expenses make you want to rant or rave?



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3 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: How Much Should a Bridesmaid Spend?

  1. Alex

    Im getting married in November and one of the things i am definate about is that my bridesmaids dont get lumped with enormous costs and dresses they will never wear again.

    the other day we found dresses i loved on sale for onlt $40. Reduced twice already. The sizes were a bit big so they’ll have to be altered slightly but thats the way most dresses have been anyway.

    I guess the point is even though were getting cheap dresses (potentally) and im aware of the fact i dont want them spending a lot of money. Weddings are expensive and there is going to a be a little costs involved but if your firends love you im sure they’ll happily front that (within reason).

    Brides should be aware of how much everything can cost and especially in times like these be mindful that some people dont have a lot of money. Thats just my opinion anyway.

  2. Donna

    i guess i’ve been lucky! i only had to spend $130 for a really cute black Zara dress i wore as a bridesmaid last august, which i wore with $80 shoes (purchased for me as a gift from the bride).

    in general i think it’s unnecessary — a little obnoxious, even — to go over the top with these things, but especially this year what with unpredictable job situations for most people. i felt bad asking my bridesmaids to purchase this $138 anthropologie dress, even though they swore they’ll wear them again:

    on the other hand, if the bridesmaids have the means to spend upwards of $300 on wedding expenses, and everyone openly agrees to spend that amount, i guess i can’t judge. as long as the bride makes the bridesmaids feel that everything is open to their approval or agreement…

  3. eleanor

    In Ireland its customary for the bride to pay for the bridesmaids’ dresses. I’m getting married in July and have paid for my 4 bridesmaids’ dresses (and shoes).


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