July 24

Rant or Rave: Hip Hop Wedding Entrance

This video has spread through our office like wildfire. You typically expect the bridal party to do a fun and funky entrance at the reception, but this couple has raised the bar with a hip hop entrance to the ceremony!

Would you boogie down the aisle on your way to get married? Do you think this idea is fun or irreverent? Does this hip hop wedding entrance make you want to rant or rave?


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11 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Hip Hop Wedding Entrance

  1. Robyn Durst

    I thought it was so clever and fun! I actually got a little chocked up too…:)

    It just goes to show you that being creative and doing what’s best for you can work. Don’t always just follow tradition because that’s what people expect – suprise them!

  2. Aarika

    Wow! It was funny and I am sure it was memorable to all who witnessed it either in person or by video. However, I don’t think that the song was appropriate for a place of worship.

  3. Lindsay

    I think it’s really creative. While I am not sure if I would do this in a church, it does look fun.

  4. Ann Keeler Evans, the Wedding Priestess

    Having been the celebrant at a lot of weddings, I just giggled out loud. (I of course was looking to see how comfortable the wedding celebrant was… I’d a been in the procession!) Here’s the only caveat I have: I want my couples to have worked as hard on their wedding vows as they did on their entrance. Weddings can be goofy and wonderful, but when it comes to promising your lives to one another, it should be solemn and sweet and tender. Your wedding vows are (should be, can be) the blueprint for your marriage. You want to introduce your joy with such an entrance, you go right ahead. After all the wedding ceremony is partially there to help your community understand how you feel about one another. Can’t imagine anyone was in any doubt here! If you go over to my site, you can get a free copy of my wedding vow templates.

  5. bridal girl

    The first time I saw this video I was laughing but at the almost end part of it, I was a bit crying. I may be too sentimental… But it really did touch me to see a show of joy in its creative way.

  6. Amanda

    I too laughed and loved it and was crying at the end. It is funny, but it is sweet and I just couldnt help it! If my bridal party is up for it, I would so do it!


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