June 26

Rant or Rave: Fairy Tale Wedding?

This link from Kiss the Groom has been passed around the office all week. People seem torn between acknowledging the avant garde, almost couture surrealism of the faux ceremony, and wondering why the groom is wearing antlers.


We love Kiss the Groom‘s site, which features a fun “Kissing Tree” application and offers a wealth of inspiration for brides, grooms and wedding planners, but this particular post is a bit too fanciful for our tastes.

What do you think of a fairy forest theme? Do these images inspire you to create an event full of magic and wonder, or are you less than enchanted by the whimsical imagery? Can you imagine getting the groom and his groomsmen into antler headpieces?

What details do you love about this style? What do you hate? Do fairy forest weddings make you want to rant or rave?


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8 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Fairy Tale Wedding?

  1. Delilah

    Although I love the whimsical nature of a fairy or fairy tale theme wedding, I think this looks a little over the top. If you showed me this picture without mentioning “wedding” I would have never guessed they were a bride and groom. Not my cup of tea…

  2. Bonnie Bell

    A wedding like this is just as planned and thought out as a “regular” wedding. I have to say that it is their special day and if they want to dress up and really work their theme wedding, that we all need to appreciate all of their hard work and hope that they don’t have any regrets later about the components of their wedding.

  3. L

    Gorgeous for sure, with incredible attention to detail, but I’m still hard pressed to believe it was a “real” wedding and not just an elaborate photo shoot. Definitely too whimsical for my taste.

  4. Crystal

    This is so completely magical and inspiring! I love it!
    I doubt it’s a real wedding though. Looks more like a photoshoot, but it doesn’t matter to me. Looking at those images just stirs up so many creative juices. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. Rebecca

    I think the groom is supposed to have a forest-god look about him, as in the horned god of the forest which is based on celtic mythology. She looks stunning in the dress, and I think it a beautiful photo!

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  7. Winnifred

    This is the most amazing wedding ever! I would totally want it for my wedding! I just adore the whimsical feeling to it. It is so magical and just perfect. The wedding dress is so beautiful and the grooms outfit is so handsome! The setting is amazing and nothing is overdone. I hope that my wedding will be like this!


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