January 8

Rant or Rave: Embarrassing Toasts

A maid of honor too shy to utter a single word. Groomsmen who refuse to stop talking. Fathers who burst into tears in the middle of their speeches—I’ve seen wedding toasts turn bad in too many ways to count.

But, despite all the rest, if there’s one type of toaster that I find wholly inappropriate—if not downright subversive—it’s the bridesmaid or groomsman who insists on “embarrassing” the bride and groom with a story no one else thinks is funny.


Sharing, for instance, that the bride used to only date tanned, six foot-tall, 250 pound body builders before marrying her scrawny little pale husband isn’t going to charm or delight anyone at the wedding. Similarly, if you had to help the groom choose between the bride and her roommate when he first asked her out, that’s a story you should never EVER tell the bride—let alone her entire extended family.

I always want to slink away whenever an embarrassing speaker has the floor. What about you? Do you think it’s okay to share inside jokes and other embarrassing stories during your wedding toast? Where do you draw the line? Rant or rave about it!


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2 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Embarrassing Toasts

  1. marydougherty

    as I photographer I see a lot of toasts and can totally relate! You know it’s going to go downhill when it starts with “So… I guess I’m suppose to give a toast or something” Come on people! You’re in the wedding for crying out loud. ayecarumba!

  2. PDXBride

    My brother’s speech was aweful . . . not really for me, except that I wished he would stop talking, but he swore, introduced random guest and to top it all off brought up his illigitiment child (in those words) . . . oh well, I will try to forget that part of the evening!


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