January 20

Rant or Rave: Co-Workers Invited to the Wedding

Budget constraints. Working relationships. Venue capacities. Whatever the reason, everyone has a different view on whether co-workers should or will be invited to their wedding. Some feel a certain obligation, others have co-workers that they count as some of their best friends, while still others would never dream of inviting their office mates.

Here is a what a few of our Facebook fans had to say:

“Yes, but only a very select few. That is a tough one though! It’s kind of like none or all. I work in a fairly big office so I only kept it to those that I associate with outside of work or are very close to at work.” -Tiffany

“Nope. Small office and bosses not wanted!!” -Kimberly

“I work with 10 girls we are like family they all were there! :)” -Kelly

“Yes, but only ones that I consider friends outside work. And my boss because I felt sort of obligated to. LOL” -Brigette

“nope…I can’t stand them..my home life and work life are separate.” -Tammy


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