December 12

Rant or Rave: Can You Ask for Cash?

Everyone knows the economy is a little rocky right now, and many couples planning their weddings are feeling the pinch. You might look at your list of expenses for the venue, caterers, florists, dresses, suits, gifts, favors, travel and honeymoon (just to name a few!) and want to scream! But would that compel you to ask for “Cash Gifts” on your wedding invitation?

What would compel you to ask for cash? Is there an appropriate way to do so? What do you think? Do cash requests make you want to rant or rave?



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5 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Can You Ask for Cash?

  1. deana

    cash gifts make me want to rave! i love them. however, that does not mean that i would ask for them outright. that is really rude and that practice makes me want to rant.

  2. Tara

    I used a honeymoon registry, which worked out wonderfully. You register for various activities, hotel stays, etc. In the end, the company really just sends you a check (cash!) and you can use it how you want, but it feels better for your guests to buy an actual thing as opposed to just giving money.

  3. Bridgette

    I would much rather buy my friends and family members gifts than just fork over cold hard cash. I think asking for cash only is in poor taste. I do like the idea of a honeymoon registry, though! That’s a smart way to let relative help you pay for your trip without just asking for money.

  4. Ramona

    my friend received an invitation with an envelope provided for monetary gifts to give back to the bride. if you do decide to do it, be tactful. Don’t put it on your invitation or put an envelope for it in your invitation! That is poor wedding etiquette!


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