September 23

Rant or Rave: Brides Planning Their Own Bridal Showers

A co-worker recently shared a story of a bridal shower she attended, where the bride had the shower at her sister’s house but did all the planning herself. Right down to the catering, the place cards and the invitations. The sister didn’t even know any of the details.

If your bridesmaids weren’t taking the lead, would you ever plan your own bridal shower? Or would you just go without a shower? Rant or rave!


14 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: Brides Planning Their Own Bridal Showers

  1. Tying The Knott

    I think that I would step in if nothing was being done, but if someone else was planning my wedding shower I, even if I know of the details and I’m not entirely happy with it, I would still allow them to plan it out since it’s one less thing for me to worry about, and it has more meaning when its planned out by someone else… If I ever stepped in because someone who should have been putting the shower together wasn’t doing anything, I would hope that they would at least kick in the cash for it since it’s not right for a bride to pay for her own wedding shower… whats the point of having one if you have to plan and pay for it yourself?!

  2. DiPaolo

    i am planning my own shower an i think its the best way for me. some people dont agree but i love the planning and i want things done a certain way so i dont mind doing it.. and im not about the whole surprise shower nonsense its so played out. everyone knows anyway lol

  3. natalie

    I would REALLY prefer my bridesmaids to plan the shower. I think I would have enough going on without having to plan that too.

  4. Jenna

    I’m not sure, my aunt, cousins (three of them are my bridesmaids) and my mom just got through throwing me the most amazing shower, so I’m kind of one-sided on this one. I don’t think I would want to throw my own shower, but if someone wants to plan their own, then kudos to them!

  5. Irene

    As the Mother of the Bride I agree with this brides decision to take charge of planning her own Bridal Shower. *Except the part she didn’t include or even inform her sister or bridal party. My daughter Angela’s wedding is September 2012. My husband and I have always planned on paying for our daughters Wedding. We’ve been blessed and she & her groom- to- be Juston weren’t expecting us to do so. Angela knows how expensive this Day will be and I feel it would be generous to incur that cost especially since they see how generous both families as well as her bridal party have been to make Angela & Justons Special Day the Best!!

  6. Cleo

    The bridesmaids should plan the shower in my opinion. If they don’t get some new friends, you only get married once (hopefully)so spoil the bride-to-be!

  7. Veronica

    A shower is a gift, not a given. A bride planning her own shower is rude, offensive, and greedy. Brides have the wedding and rehearsal to make things the way they’d like – a shower is given out of love and should never be expected or demanded.

  8. Rachel

    I’m getting married in May and so far I don’t think anyone is going to plan me a shower. It’s kind of hurt my feelings because my sister had 7 different showers before she got married (which I agree was WAY too many–but people just came out of the woodwork wanting to throw her a shower…). Neither my family, bridesmaids, or church group has implied that they will throw me one. And actually my Mom and my sister have decided it would be easier to just let people bring gifts to the wedding. I don’t have a lot of money so I was kind of counting on people helping out with kitchen stuff and sheets and towels and things like that. I always thought it was inappropriate for a bride to plan her own shower, but it’s really disappointing to think that I won’t have one at all. What do you all think?

  9. Samantha

    I think it is sad if your bridesmaids aren’t planning one for you. I am a MOH for a wedding this year and we tried to plan a shower for the bride but her and her fiancĂ© decided they didn’t want it to be “too nice” so they decided to do it themselves and with the brides step mom. And they scheduled it for the only day of the week I work. I feel sad that I can’t give my best friend this gift. Let your girls throw your shower- hopefully they want to!

  10. Selena

    I am in the process of planning my own shower (or sprinkle) cause its small.
    See I live in NY and all my family and best friends live out of the state; its only me, my fiance and his family with a couple of friends we have. However, since his mom is not offering to do it herself I feel deprived of not having a shower, so I’m doing a small one at home. My husband is hosting (but im doing most the planning). I’m not planning on getting married more than once and if this is my only chance to do it I will find a way.

    I don’t think its greedy, but if you are a Bride you’d want to have it like any other bride and its almost unfair not to.

    So it will be more of a cocktail brunch with cake and tea… Like a Garden Tea Party 😉

  11. Karla

    I am getting marry in October, my sister is having a baby soon and she’s my MHO, I have two more bride maids but no one has offer to through me a bridal shower, so my fiancĂ© think I should get one and his planing it for me, I offer some help ( I know he needs help ) so I do not think that is bad to plan your own bridal shower, it depends of the situation.

  12. Ashley Jaftha

    I will most definitely plan my own bridal shower as I think if I leave such an important day like this to them, they wouldn’t do it the way I was planning to, as where I come from, they still believe in the traditional bridal showers. So i rather prefer arranging my own thing then I know there will be enough food, enough wine and no one will complain about a tight budget etc.


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