January 27

Rant or Rave: Bridal Shower Games

A bridal shower usually consists of food, gifts… and games? Some people love to play games at bridal showers. Others have strong opinions against them. Are you a fan of the toilet paper wedding dress? Or bridal bingo? What about he said/she said? You either love them or hate them so… rant or rave!


Here’s a what a few of our Facebook fans had to say:

“nay, im really not into the whole typical bridal shower scene, just a classy cocktail party please :)” -Hilary

“Yes yes yes def must hav” -Nekia

“Only if they’re something hilarious…I feel games are just awkward usually…like bridal bingo.” -Elyse

“I think it depends on the mood you are trying to create. Games at a nice sit-down luncheon is probably not a good idea. But we had a laid back shower at my friends house that included my 4 yo daughter and the daughters of my friends. Games (like the toilet paper gown on the girls) were fun. Just a hint though. Bridal bingo is time consuming and a little frustrating to guests who cant think of gifts to list in the boxes.” -Jordan

“Yes! I love winning prizes and it gets everyone to interact.” -Jennifer


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