April 9

Rant or Rave: A Makeshift Photo Booth?

Wedding photo booths continue to be a hot trend for brides of any budget, but some crafty brides-to-be have come up with ways to create makeshift photo booths using digital cameras, backdrops and props instead of renting a professional booth to come in for her big day.

Have you ever been to a wedding with a makeshift photo booth? What did you think? Would you prefer to splurge on a rented photo booth? Do makeshift photo booths make you want to rant or rave?


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5 thoughts on “Rant or Rave: A Makeshift Photo Booth?

  1. Jen

    I don’t know, it depends. A lot of the makeshift photobooth stuff I’ve seen like this looks pretty bad, just like this example. They look sweaty and gross. I think it would cost just as much to rent whatever is equipment is needed and remote control for people to take the picture of themselves. But I remember one of my friends had her regular photographer set it up and he had an assistant come to the reception to manage the photobooth and take the pictures. It was fun and nobody got frustrated trying to figure anything out. She said she only paid a little more to do this and her’s really turned out great.

  2. Brittan

    I have always wanted a photobooth at my wedding– before it became popular and before I knew I was getting married! And although I have never been to one with a photobooth, I think the most important part is making it user-friendly. Struggling to figure out how to take the photos, get them printed, etc. is hard enough for the couple, let alone the people who want to have some quick fun.
    I am contemplating doing my own photobooth, simply because the rented ones have become so expensive! But then again, buying the equipment might prove costly in itself.

  3. Abby

    Rave. I attended a wedding with a photo booth and the guests really enjoyed it. The bride also used props that were the colors of her wedding for the guests to use in the pictures. After the wedding, the bride and groom got to go through all the pictures from the photo booth and made an album. It was a really fun and creative idea.


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