January 14

Quickie Weddings in the Big Apple?

According to a Reuters article, “New York City has issued an open challenge to Las Vegas, seeking to become a premier wedding destination.”

While we love the idea of a New York City wedding for a destination wedding, it seems that New York is actually looking to help couples in need of a quick wedding. So, what do you think? If you were to elope, would it be more romantic to run away to the big city to say “I Do” or is there something almost, dare I say, traditional about eloping in a small chapel off the Strip?



One thought on “Quickie Weddings in the Big Apple?

  1. Emily Lorson

    I LOVE NYC! Although my sister got married in Vegas, there really is no comparison. Vegas seems a bit trashy (no offense) when under the shadows of New York City. The architecture alone makes so many locations in NYC a much better option. NYC WIN. Vegas FAIL.


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