May 25

Planning the Bachelorette Party!

Think being a bridesmaid is all work and no play? Get tips on making the most of the bachelorette party with this fun guest post from The Dessy Group’s Bridesmaid blog.

To celebrate your friend’s last days as a single girl, you don’t have to live it up with clichéd craziness. There are many ways to celebrate this monumental moment with your girlfriends. Here are 10 bachelorette party ideas that are sure to bring out the laughter and (just a little) craziness.

1.    Pampering
Make a day-long appointment at a local spa. As you all get pampered with pedicures and manicures, facials and massages, you can talk about what to do next.

2.   Fancy Suite
Have everyone chip in on renting a fancy suite at a really nice hotel for a night. You can order in or bring whatever food you like, plus cocktail mixes to add to the free ice. Play games, tell stories and enjoy view and fancy room.

3.    Find a Themed Night Out
Many bars and clubs offer different themed nights. Plan your party around one and dress accordingly.

4.    Make a Themed Night In
Don’t want to spend a bundle on a club? $8 drinks can be a bit of a bummer, so plan your own themed night at your house. Pick a theme from 1980s costumes to your favorite movie stars, hold your own contest and dance away to your personally picked music.

5.    Karaoke
Yes, cheesy, but also so much fun! Gather the girls together to belt out your favorite tunes.

6.    Scavenger Hunt
This one takes a bit of planning, but is very much worth the time. Make clues and a treasure map and hit the town. Prizes can be as fun and varied as you like!

7.    Potluck
Not your grandma’s potluck—bring your favorite dish, but accompany it with your favorite cocktail fixings.

8.    Beach Weekend
Whether you’re a short drive or a short flight away, consider taking a weekend just for the girls. You can usually find great package deals if you do some searching. Imagine two full days of lounging on the beach with your piña coladas, soaking up the sun. Very nice.

9.    Luxury for a Day
Hire a stretch limo stocked with champagne and goodies. Have the chauffeur drive you high class ladies around for a day of shopping and lunching. Then, arrange for a pick up for the evening. Stop at a nice restaurant and your favorite lounge bar.

10.    Martinis, Anyone?
This could be out or in. Do a crawl of your favorite martini bars (making sure to include some food stops, too!) or have each person bring their favorite mixes and have a martini night at one of your homes equipped with games and good times.


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