March 11

Best Man Speech Ideas & Tips from Our Experts

Weddings can be a hallmark memory for everyone. The bride and groom are likely to remember it for the rest of their lives and they’ve entrusted you as the best man with a large part of it. This statement isn’t meant to stress you out, it’s there to help you do your best and avoid embarrassment. As a best man, you have the obligation to deliver a great speech. With some preparation and a bit of creativity, you can give the speech of your life. This list can offer you some simple tips on writing, etiquette, and best man speech ideas.

best man speech outdoor wedding

When you’re getting ready to write, it’s important to keep in mind that this day is about the bride and groom and that they want you to deliver a nice and short speech reflecting your own thoughts. Pulling some cliché speech off the internet is not likely to sound like you and it won’t come out right. You also want some time to prepare your best man speech in advance and to have some time memorize it. Once you’ve finished writing, you can have a notecard of bullet points to keep you on track while you’re reciting. When you’re done, you can even try practicing in a mirror to help you sound as natural as possible.

best man speech with bride and groom

To get started, it’s a good idea to just jot down a few things about how you know the groom. Maybe you can think of your first meeting in school, or how he was a helpful coworker or just some general history between the two of you. You don’t necessarily have to include everything, it’s just a way to help get you to start thinking about speech ideas. Think about when he first started dating his wife and any good qualities about her that you could potentially mention. Avoid any reference towards old relationships while you’re writing down information.

best man speech formal wedding

As you begin thinking about ideas for your best man speech, find a way to come up with a powerful first line. This is what is going to grab your audience’s attention and keep them there. You can choose to go a normal route and thank everyone for coming, blessing the wedding party, and by jumping straight into a memory. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it would be nice if you could come up with something a bit more original. A funny (and appropriate) joke is a great way to open. Or you could try a quote about marriage, or have some fun with it and get creative.

best man speech outdoor sunny wedding

Once the memories start coming up, this is the time to look for something funny or sentimental. Preferably you can offer a story that involves both the bride and the groom, but you can pick one or the other at first. Try and loop it back full circle and make sure you include both parties. This is the time to throw in an anecdote or two. A personal story can really help you connect with your audience and to show how much you mean to the bridal party. Make sure that the story you offer is light-hearted and fun. It shouldn’t be meant to embarrass anyone and it shouldn’t show you in a mean light. After that, you can offer up any advice or good wishes to them. However, don’t say something you don’t believe in. Whatever you say, make sure it’s coming for your heart.

As you’re writing, make it sound like it’s something you would naturally say. The goal is not to stand up and recite an essay to the crowd. You want to make your words sound powerful and natural. This is why the short stories or personal accounts are so important. They are a re-telling of you and your friend and they should sound like happy times. Just give a general overview of your friendship and then find a way to connect with the couple.

best man speech with bride and groom wedding

By now you should be wrapping it up. Most people don’t want to hear a speech drown on for ten minutes. Keep it short and simple and around 2-4 minutes long. Other best man speech tips would be to avoid any inside references. Most of your audience won’t get it and they will immediately tune out. Make sure that all stories you mention are clean enough so that great-grandma in the back won’t be offended. Once you feel you have summed everything up pretty well, you can raise your glass and have everyone toast to the wonderful couple.

While you’re at the wedding, it’s important to stay sharp and prepare for the speech. This means that you should have any notecards with your best man speech ideas and that you will be ready to speak. You should also stay away from booze up until this point. No one wants to hear a drunk guy with a microphone ramble about the good times. When you are asked to speak, make sure to begin in a loud and clear tone. It will be extremely hard to listen if no one can hear you or can’t understand what you’re saying. Now would be the time to pull out your notecards and use them as need be. However, you should try not to read word-for-word. You should have already practiced speaking out load and you shouldn’t need more than a few bullet points to help guide you along. If you’re talking and you notice that the crowd is very antsy, see if you can make your speech even shorter. Maybe take out one story and people will be much happier to listen if it doesn’t last all day.

best man formal wedding speech

In the end, to deliver a great best man speech you need to be prepared and polite. Writing out your speech beforehand is an excellent way to get ready and having bullet points can help you stay on track while delivering the speech. Remember to keep everything light-hearted and fun and try to keep the speech short and sweet. Being yourself can really bring home the speech and make everyone in the audience feel connected. Make sure to focus on the bride and groom and everyone will leave with lasting memories of your wonderful speech.

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March 9

Black & White Bridal Shower Invitation Inspiration Board

Black and white is a color trend we don’t see going away any time soon. By adding a splash of pink and gold metallic it makes for a gorgeous color theme for any wedding occasion including a City Chic bridal shower. To showcase our stylish black and white bridal shower invitation we curated some of our favorite images for today’s black & white city chic bridal shower inspiration board.

With black and white balloons, to champagne with floating blackberries, this is the perfect inspiration when planning your bridal shower, and our bridal shower invitation is a great way to set the tone.


Featured Wedding Paper Divas Bridal Shower Invitation Striking Elegance

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March 4

Our 9th Anniversary – Celebrate with a 30% off Coupon Code

Happy 9th year anniversary to us! Wedding Paper Divas was launched in 2006 as a stationery haven with an affinity for beautiful paper and fresh design. We thought it would be fun to share anniversary stories from our fabulous employees.

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Jennie (Creative – Sr Front End Web Developer) and her husband, Herman have been married for 7 months.

Jennie&Herman Photo Credit: En Pointe Photography

It’s easy for me to remember Wedding Paper Diva’s anniversary on March 4th, since it is one day before mine! March 5th, 2015 will mark the ten-year anniversary of when my husband and I first started dating. To celebrate our 8 year anniversary in 2013, he surprised me and we flew to Mammoth for a weekend of snowboarding. We are avid snowboarders and love Tahoe, it was our first time in Mammoth! On the morning of our anniversary, he took me on the gondola and proposed at the top of the mountain. It was extremely windy and all of these ice rocks were hitting my face, but I totally forgot about the bad weather when a rock of my own landed on my finger! It was a wonderful and very memorable anniversary. – Jennie

Kristen (Marketing) and her husband, Charlton have been married for 3 years.


Charlton and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary in November (11/5 to be exact). We went to a nice dinner at a new and fun restaurant, an Austrian place in Campbell, as that is one of our favorite things to do. As we didn’t take our honeymoon until Thanksgiving week, we have continued the tradition. Instead of the cold climates we visited on our honeymoon (England, Germany and Estonia) we opted for some warm temps and some sun this year and went to Australia and explored Sydney and Tasmania. We spent a few days exploring Sydney and then rented a car and explored Tasmania, where we hiked in their nature preserves and strolled along their beaches. Highlight of the trip was getting a private tour of a Tasmanian animal sanctuary where we got to feed kangaroos and even a Tasmanian Devil. It will definitely be an anniversary to remember. – Kristen

Lauren (Social Media Manager) and her fiancé Scott will be married in April.


As I sit and countdown the days until my wedding (40 to be exact!) I can’t help but think about the first anniversary trip that my fiancé Scott and I took together. After nine months of coast-to-coast long distance dating I made the jump and moved out to California. Amid all of the craziness of moving and starting a new life together we decided to take a trip with my parents to Hawaii to celebrate our one year (dating) anniversary. We spent a little over a week relaxing, exploring and sipping away our worries on the beach with the help of Lava Flows. Scott had visited my family in Minnesota on separate weekend vacations, but this was the first full week vacation with them. It was the perfect opportunity for my parents to truly get to know the man that they will know soon be calling their son-in-law. During our time in Oahu, Scott asked for time alone with my dad. Due to the ramp up in recent engagement talks I had a hunch that he was going to have a little heart to heart. While playing football on the beach and enjoying a cold one, Scott asked my dad for my hand in marriage – classic. Needless to say my father said, “of course!” Fast forward two years and Scott and I will be saying “I Do” on our three year anniversary. Aloha! – Lauren


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March 2

Pantone Aquamarine Wedding Inspiration Board

With Spring right around the corner we couldn’t resist following the Pantone Spring 2015 Color Report with this beautiful pale pastel color of Aquamarine for today’s wedding inspiration board.

aquamarine wedding colors

Featured Wedding Paper Divas wedding invitation: Flawless Ferns

Source: Couple | Shoes | Desserts | Tablescape


February 26

Real Wedding: Lydia & James

This week’s Real Wedding features Lydia and James’s rose filled celebration at Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park, CA.

The bride wore a stunning Rosa Clara gown (very Audrey Hepburn!) and paired it with a lush bouquet of white roses. The couple held an outdoor ceremony that was full of modern white touches, including flowing drapery and hanging lanterns.

Olga from ToAmaze Wedding Photography captured all the beauty.