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Multiple Parents, Multiple Worries: Today’s Diva Dish

If you have parents who have remarried and aren’t sure how to word your wedding programs, our etiquette expert’s may have the answers you’re seeking. Take this reader’s dilemma, for instance…

Hi Divas,

My parents divorced years ago and my dad has since remarried, but my mom has not remarried. I want to list “Parents of the Bride” on my wedding programs, but I’m not sure where (if at all?) to include my stepmother. What’s the best way to go about this without hurting anyone’s feelings?


Thanks so much for writing in, Marci. Rest assured, you’re certainly not the first stressed out bride-to-be with this worry. Here’s what our etiquette experts suggest:

The easiest way to avoid any hard feelings is to include everyone. Like so…

Parents of the Bride

Mrs. Biological Mother

Mr. & Mrs. Biological Father (which includes your stepmom)

This way, no one will get left out—allowing everyone to focus on being a part of your special day.

Do you agree with our advice for Marci? What would you recommend? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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4 thoughts on “Multiple Parents, Multiple Worries: Today’s Diva Dish

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  2. Beth Shiner

    My mother is remarried and my father is not. I don’t speak to my step-father. Would I put Mr. Shiner and Mrs. Auriemma?

    1. Sharon

      On mine, we do not care for my Groom’s step Mom, therefore we are keeping it simple. It will read liek this:

      Father of the Bride:
      Mother of the Bride:

      Father of the Groom:
      Mother of the Groom:

      and everyone else below. That way there is no Mr. & Mrs. on either side and it is very specific to biological only. His Dad is on his 3rd wife and no one cares for her and she is not a “mother” in any way. So that is how we are doing it.


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