September 3

Multiple Bridal Showers: Rant or Rave

These days, it’s common for a bride-to-be to have friends and family sprinkled throughout different parts of the country, which can make getting together for a bridal shower somewhat tricky. This common occurrence can often result in multiple bridal showers, and while some see this as a way for different groups of people in the bride’s life to honor her in their own special way, others might find it in poor taste.

When should a bride-to-be have multiple showers, if ever? Would you welcome them or feel overwhelmed? Should guests be expected to participate in multiple bridal showers for the same couple? Rant or rave about it!


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2 thoughts on “Multiple Bridal Showers: Rant or Rave

  1. hollym

    I don’t think guests should be expected to participate in multiple showers for the same person. That’s just odd in my opinion. I don’t see any harm in holding more than one if the guest list is different. For example, I have a friend with divorced parents who do not get along. Her mom threw one shower and her step-mom threw another. Completely different people invited.

  2. Joan

    I’ve seen multiple showers grow in popularity in recent years for many reasons. When I think about it, I’m actually having a difficult time thinking of a bride I’ve worked with in recent memory who wasn’t honored with multiple showers. Brides today have very active lives, often live away from their hometown, and have many friends from different aspects of their lives. It can be difficult to impossible to merge together in one spot, at one time, all the people who want to honor their friend or relation. Any guest who’d overlap at these events like the mother of the bride or groom or bridal party members would know they weren’t expected to give multiple gifts.


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