April 9


We asked — you answered! When it comes to wedding planning does your mother help or hinder? Our fans posted their thoughts on our Facebook page about their wonderfully helpful (or unbearably controlling) moms!

We live about 2500 miles away from home right now, so my mom is planning EVERYthing. Sometimes we argue, but mostly she’s just awesome!! —Cara M. 

My mom has been a complete help! Love her! —Sarah Nicole C.

A little bit of both! It was worse when I first got engaged but it’s gotten better now! —Charmaine R.

Totally hinder….there’s a longer version to that story but i will leave it at that! lol. —Robyn D.

My mom is in a tough spot with my sister getting married this year in a big fancy semi traditional wedding and then I’m doing a destination next year. She’s the best! She is doing everything she can to help, and we are so thankful. —Jennifer C.

Is your mother your wedding planner extraordinaire? Leave a comment below!


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