August 22

Making Your Own Wedding Album

The best part about planning my wedding was the fun and challenge of finding the best deals. Like putting together a puzzle, it forced me to find inexpensive ways to fit all the pieces together. And I was successful. Though I’m sure things could have been a little better with a few more thousand dollars, I’m much happier that one day didn’t leave me several months or years in debt. One of the ways that I saved was by making my own photo album. Instead of buying it from our photographer, which would have cost a couple thousand dollars, I went online and found several companies that do it for you for a lot less.

1) I ordered a book filled with my engagement photos from them, and I was happy with the results. I left the book on our sign-in table for people to view.

2) KodakGallery also has a variety of photo books, including one by Martha Stewart.

3) With prices starting at $12.95 for a soft cover photo book, Blurb is pretty inexpensive and offers professional looking books for a variety of purposes.

4) Martha Stewart also has a line with Shutterfly. I recently ordered brag books from them, which were small, cute and portable–great for family members to take with them to “brag” about you to others.

5) Picaboo allows you to share your photo book online with friends and family. Like the others listed here, they offer a variety of wedding theme backgrounds. I like that there is a lot of room for text on there, too. One couple used it as an engagement album and wrote about how the groom proposed.


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