December 31

Link Love: Makeup Tips

Throw me in the makeup aisle of a drugstore or department store, and you won’t see me re-emerge for at least an hour.  I have an innate fascination with the colors, textures and effects of all different kinds of makeup, whether it be lip gloss, eye shadow, blush….even eyeliner.  So, today’s link love is going to focus on all things makeup.  Whether you are planning your wedding day face or simply want something fresh for a New Year’s Eve on the town, this post is sure to help!

  • The Makeup and Beauty Blog is the perfect place to find anything from makeup reviews to application tutorials.  Plus, a dose of humor makes it a pleasure to read.
  • Kiss and Makeup offers beauty products of the week and constantly posts great deals to be found online and in stores!
  • has a great format that allows you to select eyes, lips, skin or cheeks.  From there, you can view different application processes and ideas.
  • If you love MAC Makeup, check out Temptalia.  Among other things, there are some amazing step-by-step tutorials on a variety of gorgeous eye shadows and colors, including this black and gold smoky eye that I am obsessed with!



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