December 3

Link Love: Celebrity Gossip

With the recent breaking news of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s elopement, I couldn’t resist posting about my favorite celebrity gossip websites.  Speidi’s nuptials sparked a frenzy amongst the females in our office, who all harbor a shameful obsession for things like The Hills, Gossip Girl and crazy celeb mishaps (don’t deny it, ladies!).  So, when you need a break from your wedding planning, there is no better place to go than these sites.

-The self-proclaimed Queen of All Media, PerezHilton is one of my favorite gossip-mongers when I need instant information on a breaking story.  I don’t know how he does it, but he hits the nail on the head 9 times out of 10 and has a huge part of the story almost immediately!  Plus, his funny drawings amuse me.

TMZ is an easy-to-read, dependable “news source” that often has links to great celeb videos.

-If you are an obsessive Britney Spears fan, you might want to pay a visit to X17Online. They seem to have a penchant for covering the Queen B.

PopSugar is insanely addictive, as the tag line claims.  Amongst today’s newsworthy stories, PopSugar reports that Heidi Montag’s mother gives their marriage six months, saying “I would like to see a blood test from Mexico. It wouldn’t surprise me if [Spencer] had [Heidi] drugged.”

-In addition to their weekly print magazine, does a great job of covering celeb gossip.  They were the first to interview Heidi’s mother and gather the quote listed above.

-Be Very Afraid.  dlisted never fails to amuse me with their selection of celeb photos and offers a constant source of amusement.

-Finally, if you’re in to fashion plus celebrity gossip, you can’t go wrong with Go Fug Yourself.  Quite possibly the most hilarious celeb gossip site out there, Go Fug Yourself reports on and analyzes the many hideous and sometimes shocking styles of red carpet regulars.


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  1. Antoine Merriweather

    I believe Howard Stern is the KING, perhaps you were looking for the phrase “Queen Of All Media”?


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