March 7

Labels on Wedding Invitations: The Divas Dish

We recently received this envelope etiquette question from a reader, and thought it would be the perfect topic to share…

Dear Divas,

Is it acceptable to use labels on wedding invitations? We want to use a calligraphy font on clear labels.



Dear MJ,

Unfortunately, wedding etiquette strictly forbids the use of labels for wedding invitations. Here’s why:

  • Labels make your wedding invitations far less personal than they should be
  • They usually ruin the look of your invitations
  • Envelopes with labels are more likely to be thrown away (as if they are a fancy credit card application) than handwritten envelopes
  • Your Grandma will never forgive you!

We know it can be tempting to try to opt for this time-saving measure, but we recommend that you hire a calligrapher, ask your bridesmaids to help or otherwise carve out the time to hand write addresses on your envelopes.

Would you give MJ the same advice? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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3 thoughts on “Labels on Wedding Invitations: The Divas Dish

  1. Amy

    I think a return address label is fine (as long as it matches the wedding invitation style (none of those cheap cheesy ones they send you free in the mail!), but definitely NO labels for the address itself! That would just come off looking like junk mail.

  2. Charlene

    I run a small invitation and card making business and I’m finding more and more of my customers do not want to calligraphy and do not want to take the risks of handwritten. They typically want to use a nice, fancy font or even a more creative, matching font that goes with their theme. I offer mail-merge services for envelopes in which they provide me with the names and addresses and I run their envelopes through my printer in the fonts and colours we’ve designed together. It’s clean, it’s easier to read and it’s fast. It may not be traditional, but many weddings are going the non-traditional route lately anyway.


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