January 28

It’s finally here…

I have to honestly say this whole wedding business at the beginning felt so overwhelming! There were decisions to be made that prior to being engaged I didn’t know ever existed such as my wedding colors, what kind of flowers I liked, or how many buttons my fiancé’s tuxedo should have. I guess these are the details that you don’t usually see as a guest. When everything comes together on that big day, all you notice is the anticipated looks, smiling faces, and teary eyes. But all of this wedding planning may have stirred up a little anxiety in me. Just the other night I woke up in a cold sweat. I had a nightmare that everything that could go wrong with my wedding did! I kept asking people in my dream if I could do it over. Well thank goodness I woke up! And I woke up to happy thoughts and the sound of my doorbell ringing with a little present for me on my doorstep. I got my wedding save the dates! Somehow getting them makes the wedding seem so much more real and I’m actually back on track, happily looking forward to my wedding day. It even got my fiancé in the mood. He actually began desperately calling friends and family for their addresses. I was so proud! I didn’t even have to ask.


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