November 12

Involving Both Families in the Holidays: Rant or Rave

Living in a different part of the country from our respective families makes holiday planning a bit tricky for my significant other and me. Should we fly to your family or mine for Thanksgiving? Should they come to us? What about Christmas? It’s a dilemma that many of you are probably faced with, too. How do you involve both sets of families in your holiday season?

Are you planning to carve the bird with his family or yours this year? Do you have any advice for newlyweds splitting their time between families during the holidays? Does coordinating with both families during the holidays make you want to rant or rave?


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5 thoughts on “Involving Both Families in the Holidays: Rant or Rave

  1. Amy

    This year we’re hosting Thanksgiving with our Moms sides, then we’re having an open house the Saturday after for my Dads side. Lots of work, but this way we don’t have to travel (for once) and we’ll get to see everyone.

  2. pink bridesmaid dresses

    I’ll be back to check what others have to say as it looks like this will be a situation we will soon be facing. I would think the most stress free way would be to alternate holidays instead of trying to see everyone over the same weekend. And then make good use of Skype!

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  4. Jon_Elle

    I am very nervous about this. My FH does not have a lot of traditions based around the holidays, but mine does. What will be the hardest for me is trying to create our OWN traditions at our own home; especially since all of my family is expecting us over for the holidays. Oh and another fun thing for me to juggle, FH’s bday is the 26th of November so it is usually right around Thanksgiving. So his bday ends up being spent w/ the focus on family and not so much him and his special day.


  5. Kristine - Cool Wedding

    For newlyweds, I think if they can have both sides to come over, then do so! If not, they can choose which side to go to on Thanksgiving then the other side on Christmas. And if they cannot do so, I think postcards is a better option. Or if you’re really busy and have not much time, a phone call will do. Holidays are about family, so you just have to let them know, you remember them in these times!


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