July 15

Infographic: Digital Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Paper Divas conducted a survey* to find out just how prevalent sharing wedding details has become in the online social space. From “checking in” on Facebook to uploading snapshots of the bride and groom to Instagram, the survey found that guests are taking an active part in putting a wedding on a social channel.

While it is always fun to share photos of a good time, take your cue from the bride and groom when it comes to sharing their wedding day on your social accounts. 65 percent of recent wedding guests agree that it is important to ask the couple’s permission before posting wedding photos online. So, before you break out the photo filters and dream up the perfect hashtag, take a moment to look over the infographic and see what the digital trends are for weddings.


• 4 in 10 recent wedding guests say social media use was encouraged, and a specific wedding hashtag was provided
• 5 in 10 recent wedding guests “checked in” to a wedding using Facebook, Foursquare, or another social channel
• 7 in 10 Twitter-using guests report tweeting about a wedding while in attendance
• 80% of guests used at least one digital channel to RSVP to a wedding invitation
• 76% of guests posted wedding pictures to Facebook

*An online survey of 1,005 adults, age 18 to 54, who attended at least one wedding in the past 12 months was conducted April 3 to 6, 2013. Results have a margin of error of +/- 3 ppt. The survey was administered by Decipher, Inc.

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13 thoughts on “Infographic: Digital Wedding Etiquette

  1. Charlotte Greenland

    I had to share this on my Twitter and Facebook! I went to a wedding recently and they were encouraging people to share on Instagram and Twitter! I’m intrigued to see who will post first on my sister’s upcoming wedding. I’m tempted to start a sweepstake 😉

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  4. Lolli

    Just wondering of a polite way I can ask guests not to post anything on any social media about my wedding in the lead up to or during the ceremony and reception?like take photos on mobiles, check in etc. we are having a very small wedding with only family and very few friends. I do not want my larger group of friends to get upset not being invited and my partner and I do not want any pictures making the internet for privacy reasons. Can I add something to the invites/ save the dates when i send them out or should I give them all a call individually prior to that? Can I ask for all phones to be handed in on arrival to the ceremony?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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