April 11

Industry Influencer – Allison from Engaged & Inspired

For our first Industry Influencer series we are excited to announce our interview with Allison from Engaged & Inspired today.


1. How did you get your start in the industry?

There were so many moments that lead me here, each of which built on top of each other and put me right where I am. But the short answer is that I became a part of this industry over 4 years ago when I started up a little blog called Engaged & Inspired. That blog gained some traction and, well, here we are!

2. Favorite perk of the job?

Experiencing wedding days. So much goes into planning a wedding and it isn’t always easy for the couple, but when the ceremony starts and the festivities begin, well, nothing beats that moment.

3. What are your favorite wedding trends right now?

I try not to look too far into trends. I try to create awesome weddings that are free of trends as I wouldn’t want a couple to look at their wedding photos 5 years later and have it outdated. That said, I’m totally loving the flowing organic trends that are happening with flowers right now, and the crazy amount of foliage. It was time for bouquets to loosen up and centerpieces to have a little bit of a raw edge to them.

4. Go-to color palette?

I am lucky enough to work with so many couples who pull me out of my comfort zone and inspire me to create great designs in many color palettes. But my go to color palette always involves gold, bright colors (who doesn’t love fuchsia?!) or a little hint of blush pink or mint green.

5. Describe your own personal wedding style.

Humm. I think about this a lot seeing as I do a lot of weddings at the venue I was married at. I would love to say that my personal wedding style was something bold and daring, but I tend to heavily gravitate toward soft colors, romantic lines and whimsical details. I just love the timeless look of simple and beautiful wedding that isn’t overdone with details.

6. What’s your favorite Wedding Paper Divas design?

There are so many good ones! I can’t just pick one.

Air of Affection – Wedding Invitation

pink watercolor wedding invitation

Until Ever After – Foil Stamped Wedding Invitation

black wedding invitation

Floral Dreams – Wedding Invitations

floral chalkboard wedding invitation

7. What is one thing you tell all your brides-to-be?

Enjoy it. I’ve worked with a few brides (and honestly, I was one myself) that obsessed over the details and had a very specific look in mind when it came to designing and setting up the details. I have always found that being that type of bride are really hard to make happy. You have to plan everything down to the detail and then literally let it all go on the day of. The more you micro-manage and care about every single inch of your wedding, you won’t be able to enjoy it like you should. Letting it all go and just being in that moment with the people you love, that is what a wedding is all about. Sometimes that gets a bit lost in all the details! So really, enjoy it!

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