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Ideas for a Budget Friendly Bridal Shower

The expenses of a wedding not only affects the bride and groom, but it can also have a deep impact on the bridal party.  In fact, one time honored tradition, is the expectation that the bridal party will help host a bridal shower.

If you’re trying to plan a classy, yet budget friendly, bridal shower.  Here are a few ideas to keep down costs.

1.  Order elegant, but simple bridal shower invitations. Wedding Paper Divas offers a budget-friendly invitation collection called Studio Basics. These fun and classy designs  start as low as 69¢.

2. Keep the venue and catering simple. Renting a catering hall or restaurant can be costly. Instead, opt to have a pot luck or dessert buffet in someone’s house or yard.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring salads or desserts while you supply the main course.

3. Limit Alcohol. Let’s face it, alcohol is expensive. To help limit alcohol costs, throw your event earlier in the day where there will be no expectations for drinks. If alcohol is a must, consider serving a signature drink that you know that bride will love.

4. DIY Everything. From the cake to the flowers, you can still have a beautiful shower without extravagant decorations. For centerpieces, consider making simple floral arrangements that feature only one of two stems. For dessert, make a homemade cake. If a cake intimidates you, try cupcakes!

5. Give Edible Favors. Bake a few dozen cookies and package them with a “recipe for love” as a fun and unique favor idea.

Remember, regardless of how much you spend, this is a celebration.  It’s about the time spent with the bride rather the the money spent on the party that matters most.

Happy Planning!


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