January 16

Ice Cream Bar

Planning a summer wedding? An ice cream bar is a great idea to keep your guests cool as they dance the night away.


Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Check with a local ice cream shop to see if they can help cater your event
  • Be sure to select a variety of classic (i.e. vanilla and chocolate) and non-traditional flavors, as well as your personal favorite
  • If you want to keep a cohesive theme, choose flavors that match your color theme
  • Sites like Wrap it With Us offer great ice cream bar supplies from scoopers to bowls and more
  • Forget the silverware.  Serve the ice cream with personalized ice cream cup spoons as shown below:


Happy Planning!


8 thoughts on “Ice Cream Bar

  1. Katie

    Leave melting woes to the caterer! You can find inexpensive ice cream catering from chains like Coldstone and Dippin’ Dots, as noted by Isha above.

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